Bearcat Weekly

May 8 - 12, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Thanks you all for all your hard work these last couple of weeks preparing our students and making sure they are ready to tackle the STAAR test next week. I've seen so many great activities going on in your classes and have no doubt they are going to do great.

Thank you Mrs. Stewart for sharing the positive notes and letters of encouragement she is giving to her students. I know that there are several of you out there who are. I even saw Mrs. Sudbury giving away stuffed animals and Mrs. Pemberton having her students write down their anxieties and fears about the test then crumble them up and throw away. These are all great things and as the shirt Mrs. Stevens shared with me says there are so many more things that a test can not measure that we are so proud of our kids for. Nevertheless, we do need to encourage our students to do their best at EVERYTHING they do as that to me is the more important lesson with these in no matter how big the challenge or obstacle we still have to do our best and meet it head on. I have no doubt that you are teaching your students this and allowing them to see the bigger picture behind the STAAR test.

Thank you once again Ms. Nisbett for creating our bootcamp schedules and our STAAR test schedules. She is an absolutely scheduling genius and there is no way we could put as many things in place as we do with her!

Thank you to Ms. Galen and our awesome PTO for helping make this teacher appreciation week a great experience for our teachers!

I may have already put this one in here but she definitely deserves another shout out, I wanted to thank Mrs. Wooten for all her hard work putting together our reading intervention program for our 5th graders. All of these teachers (Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Luckie) have worked tremendously hard getting their kids ready for the 2nd administration and making sure our students have the best opportunity to pass this time around.

Last but certainly not least, please take time on Friday to thank Mrs. Loftis in honor of Nurse's Day. She has done a remarkable job taking care of our kids this year and yes sometimes staff members :). She is also always willing to help out wherever she is needed and I can't thank her enough for all that she does.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Color Run This Saturday at 4:30pm

If you get a chance please come out and support our 2nd Annual Color Run this Saturday. All the money raised will go toward's creating our outdoor classroom to honor Vail Johnson.
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Next Two Weeks

May 8 (Mon) - 3rd, 4th and 6th Math STAAR, 5th Math Re-Test - Closed Campus

May 9 (Tues) - 3rd, 4th and 6th Reading STAAR - 5th Reading Re-Test - Closed Campus

May 10 (Wed) - 5th Grade Science STAAR - Closed Campus

May 11 (Thurs) - Student Computer Collection begins for 5th and 6th Grade - All student lap tops need to be turned in at this time

May 12 (Fri) - 3rd Grade Mother's Day Tea, Yearbook Handout, Mega Part Part 2 - 1pm - This is for students who did not attend the 1st Mega Party - list will be sent out

May 15 (Mon) - 5th and 6th Grade Cowboy's Stadium incentive trip

May 16 (Tues) - 3rd and 4th Grade Cowboys Stadium incentive trip

May 18 (Thurs) - 2nd Grade Campus Visit - 9am

May 19 (Fri) - Field Day - All Day, 6th Grade Dance TBD

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Thanks for everything you do and have an Awesome Weekend!