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March 20-24, 2017

Congrats to Stephanie Young for being named SMSCA Counselor Advocate of the Year!

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from AAA-

While preparing for the upcoming MAP test and the EOY i-Ready diagnostic, the AAA department has been asked about the order in which the assessments should be given. The recommendation is to complete MAP testing before administering the EOY i-Ready diagnostic for grades 3-8, since the MAP test is the state accountability measure. Many elementary schools have shared that they plan to give the K-2 EOY i-Ready diagnostic at the same time that they are administering the 3-8 MAP assessment, in hopes that doing so will create an overall motivational atmosphere during the week(s) of the assessment. If you have any questions, please let me (Dave Whitham) know.

What the #'s really tell us about public schools

..we need to point out to them how well our students are doing...

from Bret-

I met my personal goal this week and provided 5 different principals with Tower data.

Feedback about the Elementary Learning meeting goes here.

Please remember to fill out your Cardinals information here.

I hope you all have a great and restful Spring Break.

6 Forgotten Leadership Lessons From Childhood

To be the best leader you can be, remember what your mom drilled into you.

from J-

As you may have seen from Brady's email, we have been very successful in moving through the pool hires. As additional vacancies occur, please initiate the school stream/RTF process to get the position posted (yes, positions must be posted). Both internal and external candidates may apply. Having said that, a considerable number of candidates have been vetted by your peers, and can be found in the 2017-18 Candidates folder shared by Brady. This folder contains videos, resumes and scores of the candidates. Please connect with me when you have openings come up, and contact Brady Quirk or Halee Yelton with questions.

You missed an interesting BOE meeting this past Tuesday. As you are aware, the BOE allows for public comments, based upon two categories: related to board agenda items, and not related to board. On a regular occasion, a community member exercises the opportunity, such as this individual who addressed the Springfield City Council (on Monday) and SPS Board of Ed (on Tuesday). The News Leader picked up on the story. Click here to access the story. Please read the story first and then watch the video. Can't make this stuff up folks.

And on that note, have a great spring break :) Let me know how I can best support you-

The Most Powerful Leadership Tool: Your Own Example

Your own example is the most powerful leadership tool you have. If you want to strengthen that tool, here are five things you can do

Leadership Kickoff - Save the Date!!!

Tuesday, July 25th, 8am

To Be Determined

Please hold this date!! We will be kicking off the 2017-18 school year for principals on this date. It will be combined K-12 principal day that Shane and I are very excited for!