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October 15, 2018

Gradebook Update

Hey guys- note from Liz-

We need some extra help on capturing the issue of missing grades, as we did have a handful of teachers with missing grades this weekend. They are looking at putting an audit trail on the gradebooks to track all that is going on. In the meantime…. Please have the teacher email me as soon as they have saved their grades and see that they are there and then they notice they have disappeared. We are asking the teacher NOT TO RE-ENTER the lost grades until we can let PowerSchool run an audit on what the teacher did behind the scenes. This may be a day or two at the most. If we can have a couple of willing teachers do this, it will help us get to the bottom of it.

Watch this video to see why your students cannot see your approved videos in YouTube


Help! Nobody is fixing the printers!

Victoria cannot fix things if she doesn't know they are broken. If something needs to be fixed, please put in a HelpDesk ticket. She would rather have 12 tickets come in for the same printer than to have something broken in the building that she doesn't know about.

What does a Badge Project look like? (Creativity)

Here is an example of a badge project where students are being asked to create a PSA. This is what the DLC (Megan Bruce at Lone STar) helped them create as project instructions for the kids. And while they had the last step linked to Moodle for turning in their project, you could totally collect these through Google Classroom as well.

Big picture

Digital Citizenship Month Continues

The SLOOOOOOOW Twitter chat continues this week with a new question. What we were really hoping for with this was that you would discuss the questions each day with your students (find them here) and let us know some of the responses through Twitter chat. I think it is really important to talk about some of these things with kids, because a lot of what we think is common sense...isn't...for some students.

We only had one staff member participate in the Twitter Chat last week, so I will extend my offer for another week. If I can get 5 or more LTHS staff members to tweet about your student's responses to one of our questions using the hashtag #FISDchat, I will draw a name from the group that does it and I will personally deliver an Andy's treat or a Sonic drink to you during the day! You have until Sunday at midnight to git 'er done!

Pandora Stations for the Classroom

Need today's musical hits that our students will know, yet soft calming music that won't distract during independent work times??? Below is a list of background tunes appropriate for the classroom and teacher plan times. Please be aware of advertisements that pop up while listening.

Instrumental Versions of Today's Pop Music

Instrumental Versions of Movie Soundtracks

Specifically for Calming

Thanks to Kristy McCoy for sharing this list!

New Google Team Drive Roles

The new team drives roles are starting to out. We are on the rapid release schedule and requested the auto-migration so you will start seeing the changes starting October 15th.

Here is the correlation between the new and old roles:

  • “Full access” will now be known as “Manager.”

  • “Edit access” will now be “Contributor.”

  • “Comment access” will now be “Commenter.”

  • “View access” will now be “Viewer.”

  • There will also be a new role, “Content manager.” See below for more details.

Users with the Content manager role will be able to edit, reorganize, and delete content in a Team Drive, but they won’t be able to modify Team Drive membership or settings. Content manager will replace “Full access” as the default role for new Team Drive members.