Middle ages

Living Life the way they would

Middle Ages Food

Meat, Bread, Cheese, Eggs, Milk, Nuts, Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Honey, and Shellfish were some of the things people ate in the middle ages.People of the middle ages LOVED to drink but they didn't drink water mostly because it was dirty and unclean.

The poor drank Ale, Mead,or cider but the rich were able to drink many other wines.The royalty had feasts and banquets.There was a lot of food choices but they only ate a little of each food.They had fabulous food presentations with many different colors and many different tastes so they were able to taste test many foods for their (special) dinners.

Some people in the middle ages didn't have enough money or food so they weren't able to eat at all, the poor and sick had to eat grass and anything they could find.

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Midddle ages plague

When the ships docked in Sicily, many of those on board were already dying of plague.

In winter the disease seemed to disappear, but only because fleas were now helping to carry it from person to person. Each spring, the plague attacked again killing more and more people each day. Corpses are simply dumped in the street or buried in huge graves

1.5 million people out of an estimated total of 4 million

people.Properties were empty, deserted by desperate owners; the sick and alone.

The outbreak had shattered communities. Families have been set against each other.

The plague mainly affects rodents, but fleas can move the disease to people. Once people are infected, they infect others quickly.

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Middle Ages Homes

In less complicated homes there were no chimneys the kitchen was stone hearth in the middle of the room this is where they cooked and where they got there central heating.

In most families the wife\mother did all the cooking and all the baking.Their diet was breads vegetables from their gardens, dairy from cows goats and sheep and meat from the own livestock.Many medieval houses have up to two rooms where as modern day houses have up to four or more.Most houses have a kitchen bathroom, and a livingroom.

Compared to Medieval housing modern day homes are much different. Medieval houses have up to two rooms where as modern day homes have four or more. a room for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, study and at least one bedroom. Nearly every home has chairs whereas even some of the richest people in medieval times still couldn't afford chairs.

Majority of medieval houses were dark, damp and cold. The poorest people lived in one room huts. The wealthy people’s homes of the middle ages were more complex than the peasants homes. The better off peasant families mostly spent their time together in tiny spaces, their houses had up to two rooms. In the middle of the peasants hut there was a fire used for cooking and heating, there were no chimneys. The furniture was very basic, no peasant could afford a chair as they were very expensive, so instead they got benches or sat on stools. They slept on straw, using wooden logs instead of pillows.

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Middle ages Knighthood

Knighthood training began in early childhood when a basic education and good manners and rules of etiquette were taught at home.At the age of 7 young boys were sent away to the castles and homes of wealthy lords or relatives to embark on their knighthood training. From the age of seven to fourteen these young boys were given the role of a medieval page.

From fourteen to twenty-one these 'apprentice knights' were referred to as Squires. The different types and styles of Knighthood training depended on the age and strength of the apprentice knights. Knighthood training was focused on weapon practice which included e skills in horsemanship, the two-handed sword, battle ax, mace, dagger and lance.

The Medieval Page

The Medieval Page of the Middle Ages was little more than a child. But his training commenced from the age of seven. The duties of a knight were seen as the combat duties and those duties related to serving the lords and ladies. The Knighthood training began in earnest as a Page when all their games and sports were geared towards learning skills related to horsemanship, the two-handed sword, battle ax, mace, dagger and lance. Obviously dangerous weapons were not used by these young boys!

Great emphasis was placed on fitness and strength. A Page would start to acquire the skills required of a Knight by practicing the skills of tilting a lance during their knighthood training. A target was erected and the Page would mount a wooden horse on wheels holding a lance. The wooden horse would be pulled along by two other pages towards the target and the page would aim the lance.

The Page was expected to learn the technique called the 'couch' where the lance is held under the arm to steady it during a course, substantially reducing the amount of flex and increasing the accuracy of a lunge. Sword play was practiced using wooden swords and shields. Fighting on piggyback introduced the young knights to the balance and skills required in mounted combat. Becoming a Knight in other physical skills included climbing, swimming, throwing stones, javelins, archery and wrestling.

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Middle ages Cause and Effect

Dear Walter,

I'm an eleven year old boy and I'm about to go to knighthood training but even though I really want to go I'm scared to go. I'm scared because I feel like the other boys there will be a lot older than me and will beat me up and make fun of me. How can I help myself feel comfortable while I'm gone?

From Scared Soon to be Knight

Dear Scared Soon to be Knight

I can tell you really want to be a knight but its natural to be scared. Everyone has the same feelings you do.Some of the kids at the training will be older than you. I'm sure none of the older boys will beat you up because everyone is going for the same reason you are. No one will beat you up because every knight is taught to protect the weak and defenseless, not to hurt them. Also the Knights don't except fighting and bad behavior or they won't accept you as a knight.

From Walter

Dear Walter,

I'm a fourteen year old boy and I live on a farm with my two brothers my little sister and my parents.Its becoming winter and some of our crops are starting to die so each day were losing more and more food for our family. I don't know how my parents are going to feed us if all of our crops are dying,and we have no food.

From Scared and HUNGRY

Dear Scared and HUNGRY,

I know your family is going through tough times but I can give u some options on how to handle this. First if on your farm you have some cows or sheep or other animals you can sell them in the village to get some food and money. Second you can suggest to your parents that they can sell you into slavery so at least you can eat and have a meal and not be hungry and there will be more resources for your family so they can also survive.

From Walter