Three Tips Matching

Silver Celtic Photo Frames with Photos

When it comes to matching silver Celtic photo frames with photos, you have to keep in mind that there is an art to it. You can obviously mix and match the frames and the photos until you achieve the desired look but it may well be a waste of your valuable time and energy. You should then approach it with care by applying these three artful and useful tips.

#1 Use the Photo as a Guide

Your first consideration should be the type of photo that you will be placing in the frame. You have to consider its theme (i.e., portrait or landscape), colors (i.e., black-and-white or coloured), and type (i.e., formal or casual or candid). You will then be able to narrow down your choices in photo frames by using these rules of thumb:

· Bold frame shapes and finishes are best for strongly-themed, contemporary-looking photos, even works of art.

· Dramatic photos will look even more striking when placed in floater frames since these will appear to “float” inside the frames.

· Watercolor-like photos can be beautifully showcased in ornate silver photo frames with rag mat boards or linen liners.

Basically, almost all photos can be showcased in silver Celtic-themed frames. The trick is in matching the photos to the right size, sheen and overall design of the frames so that each one complements, not overwhelms, the other.

#2 Decide the Placement

Your choice in silver photo frames should also be influenced by the placement of the entire set-up (i.e., where will the photo-in-a-frame be displayed). For example, if you will be placing the photos in a formal environment reminiscent of art gallery-style spaces, then your best choices are classic frames with clean lines, fine metals, and neutral-coloured mats. If these will be placed in less formal areas, such as your living room or den, then you have to choose according to your personal preference while also considering other factors discussed here.

#3 Think of Other Factors

You also have to consider these factors:

· Budget although these should not be cause for concern as affordable silver frames are available

· Ease of assembly (i.e., look at the backboard)

· Eco-friendliness (i.e., recycling possibilities)

In the end, you should look at the silver frames and match them in your mind’s eye with the photos, especially when you are buying online. You may even add a pair of silver mother of pearl cufflinks or a toothfairy box if you are giving the silver frames as a gift.