Traits of leadership

Why should leaders have endurance?

All leaders must have endurance beyond that of their subordinates. Team leaders must check everyone's work in addition to doing their own. If a leader does not follow through or lags behind the group, respect for the leader and the effort of the group will decrease. The leader's subordinates must have something to look up to and strive for.

Who exemplifies this trait?

  • Sports team captains - The team needs to strive for physical fitness and improvement of skills necessary for that sport. If the team captain does not try their hardest at practices and games, the rest of the team might loose their drive as well.
  • Commanders in the military - Being in the military is a very stressful and strenuous job, and many situations often frighten soldiers into wanting to quit and go home. That is not always possible, and a troop cannot leave a man behind. Therefore, that may negatively affect their mission. A commander is supposed to set the example of being fearless, but smart, with their actions. The soldiers must look up to their commander and do as they say. If the commander lags behind, there is no one to tell them what to do and it could create a very dangerous situation on the battlefield.
  • Spiritual leaders/civil rights leaders - Spiritual leaders should strongly believe in their religion or purpose in order to reach their goal. As shown many times in history, many situations (often dangerous) and comments will try to draw them away from their purpose. Leaders need to keep pushing on for the cause no matter what the public says. An example could be Martin Luther King Jr. He was jailed multiple times, but that never stopped him. He and his family were placed in dangerous situations, but he didn't stop striving for equality because his people depended on him.
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