Sun King, Louis the Great


What a wonderful country- but how have we progressed so far? Meet the man behind it all, our benevolent Sun King, Louis the Great.

About Louis XIV

Ever since the age of twenty-two when he assumed power, King Louis XIV of the great nation of France has set aside his own personal squabbles to focus on attaining maximum potential for the country he presides over. His intentions are to make France an independent, self-dependent superpower in Europe not only from a military standpoint but on the artistic and scientific fronts as well. He has weakened the nobility and kept them under constant surveillance for the safety of us all, to safeguard us from destabilizing corruption of government. He has founded schools and academies for trades and the arts and brought in many talents from outside France to encourage the development of France and its peoples as a whole. He has expanded our borders by conquering surrounding areas in the name of our great land. This is the Great Sun King.

Our King's Glorious Accomplishments:

Louis XIV is France! - Life Story- The Basics

Louis was born on September 5, 1638 to Anne of Austria and his predecessor, Louis XIII, and assumed power at the age of twenty two, in 1661, taking over from Cardinal Mazarin, his placeholder as appointed by Anne of Austria. He entered office with a bang, immediately firing his advisors for more, ...suitable replacements, such as Jean Baptiste-Colbert. He has greatly influenced every aspect of our country since then, with his academies and schools giving way to many French geniuses like Moliere, Jean Racine, and Jean de la Fontaine. He resides today in the Palace of Versailles with his second wife, Francoise d'Aubigne.

Our finest fortune tellers have divined that his tragic death date will be the first of September in 1715, but this is nonsense. One such as the Sun King will live to be two thousand, if not till immortality.

Visit the Palace of Versailles, meet Louis!

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