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Forced Child Marriage

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My name is Ashley and this flyer was created as part of a school project to inform people about forced child marriages. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.
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Forced child marriage is when one or both of the couple is forced to marry without consent under the age of 18.

Where and Who

  • “3,000 cases were reported across 47 states in the span of just 2 years” (Alanen).
  • According to Khalid Manzoor if trends continue more than 120 million girls will be married off before they turn 18, by 2030.
  • according to Khalid Manzoor the number of girls and woman associated with forced child marriages globally reaches over 60 million.
  • 1 in 3 girls are married off before 18, stated in Welcome to Girls Not Brides
  • “In Pakistan 61% of the population of woman are married starting at age 15” (Nasrullah).
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  • Forced child marriage slows down the overall development of the girls and increases the risk of abuse and violence from the male to the young women.
  • It also limits resources, social skills and mobility (Manzoor).
  • Young girls are forced into rapid repeated child birth, meaning the girl must have a child as soon as 24 months after their last one, explains Nasrullah.
Girls Not Brides

This is a website hoping to educate the outside world to the statistics and hardships of girls in forced child marriages.