The Stongest Man Lifts 1000 lbs.~!

he lifts 10 100 pound weights,+ 2 more

How Did He Become The World's Strongest Man???

He did this at a show when he was challenged by the first strongest man.He challenged him to lift 10 100 pound weights.The other man couldn't do it.But The Worlds Strongest Man did,+2 more 100 pound weights.
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Who Is That????

That is the world's strongest man.His name is Shaw.He beat everybody including Mark Henry AND The Big Show.He became The World's Strongest Man at Miami,Florida.

Is There More????

Yes.Yes there is.These are pictures of the previous World's Strongest Men.There have probley been more than 20 of The World's Strongest Men.But thats just me,and my thought.There could've been over 30,40,or 50!!!!

But Shaw Still Holds It.

Shaw still does hold it.There's been fakers who were on steriods, and couldn't even lift 100 pounds.And there's been some strong men were there didn't do steriods and could lift over 400 pounds.

Men With Steriods.

THESE are men with steriods. They tried to enter the World's Strongest Man compitition and couldn't even lift 600 pounds.Thats MAJOR steriods right there.

Women With Steriods

I know this be inapropiate but i'm telling some facts along with the World's Strongest Man and the men with steriods including the previous World's Srongest Men.So im just informing people.Not enteraining
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