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What is bionics?

About bionics

In 1986 David Gow joined the Bioengineering Centre at the hospital with responsibility for research and development. He made bionics because he wanted to enhance people without limbs. Two Years later, work began and he worked on making electronic arms including shoulders, wrists and hands.In 1993 he developed the world's first electrically powered shoulder. He was born in Dumfries, United Kingdom.

"What is bionics?" And do you know what biomimicry means? It means to use imitation body systems.Let me tell you. Bionics is replacing body parts that are gone with mechanical body parts. There are mechanical body parts such as fingers, legs, arms and hands. Sometimes bionic limbs can have the consistency of an iPhone case. Sometimes bionics is not a specialized science.

Bertolt Meyer's Story

Bertolt Meyer shows us his bionic arm

Bertolt's Amazing Bionic Arm

Bertolt was born without an arm. He had just a little bit of his arm below the elbow. Ever since he was little he had a prosthetic arm. According to, Bertolt had to get used to wearing a prosthetic arm because it wasn't comfortable. This arm is different though because it attaches to his body by a suction cup. This arm can turn 360 degrees which is pretty cool.

In 2009 Bertolt Meyer found a company that made the perfect bionic limb for him. He has gotten some upgrades and now he has gone from just having a hook for an arm when he was five to having an arm that can grip and hold things.

The new arm is clear and you can see the motor inside. According to , "The i-limb hand met all of my hopes and expectations, even just the fact that it offered a palm to perform the simple act of clapping my hands!"

The Bionic Man: Frankenstein's Monster?

The situation is that a bionic man was created in New Zealand in 2013. "Our job was to take the delivery of a large collection of body parts - organs, limbs, eyes, heads - and over a frantic six weeks, turn those parts into a bionic man" (

The $1,000,000 dollar bionic man has wears a robotic exoskeleton made by Rex Bionics in New Zealand ( He doesn't just have robotic arms, he also has robotic ankles, organs, and even a heart. His face is Bertolt Meyer's.

This is important because they are testing it for a prototype so they can make bionic organs for people who don't match other people.

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