Update from Our Superintendent

Feb.4: Message from Superintendent Stephens

BCS Community:

As you know, Berkeley County Schools has been responding to a security incident that has limited access to computer resources throughout the district. Since that time, we have been working diligently to restore operations and furthering our investigation of the incident. As part of our commitment to provide updates, please review the following information.

  • Will classes resume on Monday, February 6th?

We continue to assess the full scope of this incident and will provide an update Sunday afternoon on the status of school for Monday.

  • Can students and staff continue to use BCS issued Chromebooks off the BCS network?

Yes, we have no evidence that this incident involves any student Chromebooks.

  • Are student interim reports available?

Interims are available using Schoology if you are using the app.schoology.com platform.

  • When will our systems be back up and running?

We remain dedicated to providing quality educational services to our students. It is our goal to restore our network to operational status, but until the full scope of the incident is known, we will remain offline.

  • Was any student data compromised as part of this incident?

Answering this question is a key objective of our investigation. If it is determined that there was unauthorized access to sensitive personal information, we will notify individuals in accordance with applicable laws. Again, at this time, our investigation into the full scope of this incident is ongoing.

  • What would Berkeley County Schools offer to impacted individuals?

We do not know if any personal data has been breached at this time. When the investigation is complete, we will notify individuals in accordance with applicable law and provide resources to help protect against the possible misuse of their information if applicable. Reminder, our investigation into the scope of the data that may have been impacted is ongoing.

I offer my sincere appreciation for the support you have shown to our school district. We will continue to provide updates as the investigation permits.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Ronald Stephens, IV., Superintendent of Schools

Berkeley County Schools

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