Relay For Life University

Week 4 | Leadership Development

Right People in the Right Role at the Right Time

It has been a month, can you believe it! Time flies and we know you are working extremely hard. THANK YOU! The first 3 weeks have helped lay a foundation for your Relay career, and we are excited in the coming weeks to keep adding to it, but also start to allow you to explore more of the details. We start with the big picture, because there are a lot of moving parts within the Relay world. When times get busy or overwhelming, remember to go back to the mission and back to the foundation you have learned.

This week we will build upon the knowledge you gained, and will help put some of the pieces together as you learn some specifics about the Relays you will be staffing. You will also be working with your Sr. Manager to understand the expectations of your role in the next 3 months.

What you will focus on for Week 4...

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What is Leadership Development...

Leadership Development involves the recruitment, training, mentoring and cultivation of the primary leadership roles involved in bringing a community together in the fight against cancer through Relay For Life.

What does successful Leadership Development look like?

A Relay For Life event which is primarily volunteer-driven with support from their staff partner. It is inclusive of the Event chair, Co-Chair and Team Development Chair.

To Learn More about Leadership Development - Click Here

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Who Are Your Volunteers?

Depending on the size of your Relay For Life event, your event may have anywhere from 100 - 10,000+ volunteers. Do you think for a moment that you can manage building relationships with all of those volunteers? No way! That is why having a core group of Leadership volunteers is so important!

Your volunteers involved with your committee and their sub-committees are your lifeline to everyone else within the event. Specifically for each of your events, you have certain people you will connect with more than others - your event chairs. Your event chairs in turn will connect on a regular basis with their committee chairs. Your committee chairs will connect with their sub committee chairs or directly with the team captains, survivors, caregivers, day of event volunteers, vendors, media, etc.
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