Stellar Second Graders

Mrs. Coffey, Mrs. Mayo, & Ms. Zerbel

Reading Workshop & Language Workshop

This week was the final week for our series unit of study. We finished up learning from Betty Bunny and Marley. They were very amusing characters to study! Ask your child if Betty Bunny really learns her lessons at the end of the stories?

Writing Workshop

This week, students finished up their personal narratives story. These stories included a plot and many author craft moves. We were very impressed with their writing improvement since September. We can't wait for you to see them in their portfolio at the end of the year.

Math Workshop

This week we are focused on some geometric skills:

  • types of angles
  • types of triangles
  • area
  • perimeter

Math & Reading Logs

April Calendars for Math and Reading were sent home yesterday. Please ensure that these are filled out and signed. As part of assigned homework, students should be reading for 20 minutes each night and marking it off on the calendar. Similarly, the expectation for Dreambox is 40 minutes per week. This can be split up however works best for your child and family's schedules. Please write the exact number of minutes your child is on the app on the date. For example: 15 for 15 minutes or 60 for 60 minutes. Math varies much more than reading, which is why we are looking for the exact number. As long as each week adds up to 40, you are good.

Dreambox is a wonderful app, as it tailors the learning directly to your child's needs. As your child increases in knowledge, it continues to differentiate lessons. Similarly, if your child needs help with a topic, it will also help. If there is a concern about internet connection at home, please let us know and we can work around your needs.

April calendars will be due on Wednesday, May 1st.

Grandparent's Day

Please click on the Google Form below and fill it out by Friday, April 19, 2019.

As second grade teachers, we would like to know who will join your child on Grandparent's/Grandfriend's Day. This event will take place on Friday, May 10th from 9:00 - 11:00 am. Please respond so we can plan accordingly. (This will be a different form than the one that you will fill out for PTO. We have some special projects to make and need to know in advance.)

MAP Assessment Testing Window

Mark your calendars! Students will be taking end of year MAP assessments in reading and math during the month of May, specifically the 14th - 24th. These tests are important for many reasons, including assessing student growth, determining next instructional steps, and guiding the school leadership teams. During this timeframe, we appreciate you helping to limit interruptions to testing, such as dental/doctor/orthodontist appointments, vacations, or other unexcused absences. We know some things are inevitable, so please contact your homeroom teacher with any questions, concerns, or conflicts.

Also, during these weeks, please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast and a good night's sleep. We want them to feel their best to perform their best. Thanks for your continued support.

Do you want to chaperone a field trip?

In the School District of Waukesha, we take pride in the safety and security of every child. We love volunteers, chaperones, and helpers. If you are interested in chaperoning a field trip or volunteering in the classroom, please complete the following two protocols, per the district policy:

  1. Complete a background check. Cathe Sweet can let you know if you already did this and your name is on file. If you have not, please fill out the forms on here: Secure Volunteer
  2. In the main office, register in the Raptor system. This requires your license.

Both of these need to be complete in order to chaperone. Thanks for helping to keep our students safe!

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