Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

September 16, 2014

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Opening Prayer

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Daily Mass Schedule

Father Paul is out this week, so we will not have daily mass in the Chapel, those who were scheduled this week will be reassigned to fill later gaps in the schedule.

Friday Morning Prayer

Roman invites Stephanie.

Freshman Retreat

Open the outline in Dropbox and assign responsibilities. Take time to reflect on the sharing questions before as well. Be READY!

Committee Break Off

Peer Ministers will break off into Committees to continue working on projects.

If a peer minister is on multiple committees, choose the one that is the most important or is first on the calendar.

  • Determine action items to accomplish and planning.
  • Be ready to present your plan to the large group.

Committee Updates

Freshmen Retreat - Isaias, Roman, Cierra, Stacy, Jose, Krishty, Diana, Jiovanni, and Stephanie

Missions Mass - Atzire, Steven, Dominique, Nick and Ashley

Sophomore Retreat - Claudia, Victoria, Quinn, Vivianna, Janise, Janise, and Atzire.

Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter - Ashley, Diana, Katherine, Kim, Vivianna, and Camille.

Weekly Rosary for Intentions - Megan and Stacy

Big Brother/Sister Program - Cierra, Stephanie, and Rachael

Liturgical Dance Team - Luisa

Recordable Spanish Story Books - Dominique and Stacy

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass - Matthew and Mia

Junior Retreat - Cierra, Shelby, Nick, Ashley, Luisa, Isaias, Matthew, Roman, Mia, Kim and Jose

Visiting and Elderly Home - Stacy, Janise, and Diana

Peer Counseling Promotion - Victoria, Krishty, Kim and Dominique

Other Business

Closing Prayer