Highly Effective Students

logan p

My Habits Now

I am a funny outgoing talkative student. I like to make my classmates laugh and i like to have fun. I also like to pass and have good grades. I put my grades before my funtime because if i dont pass i wont be able to have fun anyways.

Top 5 Study Habits

1) Organize!- i like to be organized so that i can find things easily and not get frustrated.

2) Catch Some Zzz’s- I cant really do anything when Im tired.

3) Ask Questions- I cant learn new things without asking questions. They better help me understand things.

4) Study Outside- studying in a boring environment will make you tired and not want to do anything except sleep.

5) Identify How You Learn- Some people learn different ways and you may not be good at learning one way but totally understand it the other way.

Top 3 Study Habits


2)Catch Some Zzz’s

3)Study Outside

My Future..

When i Graduate High-school i am enlisting in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a Marine and i want to be a Scout Sniper. I want to serve my country and save lives. My grandpa was a Marine and so will i be. All i gotta do is push through boot camp and ill be off to fighting for my country.