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Notes specific to the Jaguar Guard: 09.22.22

By Parents for Parents: A note to our JAGuard families!

This newsletter is to provide you with as much information as we know at this time regarding competition costumes, makeup and hair.

While almost all of the costumes have been delivered, we will not have a complete set until either next week or the week after. This means that the guard will NOT be wearing full costume this Friday or Saturday. Instead, they will be wearing their summer uniforms. (black leggings, tank, black socks and sneakers) We are just as disappointed as you are...but, hey, gives us time to get "the look" ready and will make their debut even that more surprising!

Also, please know that it is very typical for hair and makeup to change - or morph - over the season. We ask that you remain flexible throughout the entire season!

In case you don't already know, this year's show music reflects a theme - not of gambling really but more of royalty and playing our cards right (students working hard) - even 'against all odds' - to, in the end, end up holding the winning hand. Which leads us to "the look" of the show...Our guard "look" for hair/makeup is ROYAL - 'Marie Antionette with an edge' - also a touch of Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts for the lips!

So please make sure to pay attention to the HAIR style that is REQUIRED for Saturday! All hair must be up!

The competitive season is about to begin! There will be lows and will be challenging but also rewarding! It's a marathon but always remember that none of us are alone...hang in there and let's gooooooo!

Questions? Reach out to Michelle Silva at or via the CG GroupMe.

Love, Peace, and Color Guard,

Ida and Michelle


Friday, 9/23: JHS vs. Anderson

MAKEUP: Natural but noticeable. Think theater! (See picture)

HAIR: low, slick-back ponytail

UNIFORM: Summer Uniform

Saturday, 9/24: Hornet Invitational

MAKEUP: Natural but noticeable! Think theater makeup! Makeup should be noticeable to viewers in the press box!

HAIR: It will be important for your student (and you?) to work out a hairstyle that fits within the competition "look". All hair must be up. The show is about queens and royals. Be creative! To assist you with finding a look that works for your students hair, we have created a pinterest board. It is not a list of acceptable hairstyles - merely a place from which you can seek inspiration! Also, no hair pieces/accessories just yet! Please remember that, as usual, guard members must bring their own hairbrushes/combs, gel, hairbands, bobbie pins, and hairspray.


MAKEUP: Rebeca Ojeda (aka Maya's mom) has been assisting us with the makeup look. For these first performances, the boosters will purchase the red and black makeup needed for the competition look. You will need to make sure to have the basics, including foundation, eyeliner, and mascara (or fake eye lashes!). Below is a list of cosmetics that guard members will need to replenish supplies for their own use. You will also find below videos showing everyone how to apply the makeup look! p.s. we highly discourage the sharing of makeup!

**Find below a list that shows you the card suit (red heart/diamond or black spade/club) YOU get to paint over your LEFT EYE!

**While many pictures of Marie Antionette show white makeup/foundation, we will NOT be doing this!

COMPETITION HAIR: We will continue to refine "the look", particularly hairstyles. We ask that you be flexible and thank you in advance for your understanding and support!

Big picture
Diamond shape eye makeup
Heart shape makeup
Club card face makeup


Walgreens is currently offering a buy two get one free deal!

Blush (berry color) @$6-$10

Black liquid eyeliner @$8

White eyeliner @$8

Red Lip stain @$8.99

Red Lip crayon @$8.99

Eyeshadow black/grey/silver/ white

Eyelashes @$5

Setting spray @$6-$10

Primer @$6-$9


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This is the Band and Boosters main means of communication. Please make sure to update your information by logging in at: the school code is: JohnsonJaguarBand

After logging in, click RETURNING students. The password is your child’s Hays CISD Student ID#. It will ask you to create a new password at that point. Please feel free to use a password of your choice.

It is extremely important that you fill out as much as you can in the Adult and Student sections. Please know that the contact information is strictly contained within the Johnson Jaguar Band system and is not shared with any outside organizations. If you attempt to log into the system and are not successful using your child’s Hays CISD ID#, please email with your child’s name and ID number.

Remind 101 (Real time communications from Directors)

Directors send out real time information via Remind 101. Students and Parents are all invited to sign up. SIGN UP via the Remind 101 app or TEXT your class code to 81010.

During the fall marching season, announcements are sent out via the Band Remind 101. The Class code is @jagbandpts.

Mr. Duffy sometimes sends messages specifically to the guard via the JAGuard Remind 101. The Class code for the guard Remind 101 is @thejagway.

GroupMe (Real time communications between parents)

Have questions about game day? meal plans? schedules? This is the place to ask!

Each "section" will have a Parent Section Lead that will create a GroupMe. Here is where you can families can ask all of these questions! It is also a great forum to organize section get-togethers or practices!

We also invite extended family members (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents - ESPECIALLY those who volunteer!) to sign up.

It is very difficult for our volunteers and directors to keep up with Facebook exchanges. Therefore, we ask that questions be directed to the GroupMe. Thanks in advance!

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