How to play soccer

By : Maggie Scheneman


Do you know how to play soccer? This is your time to learn! Read this article and learn all you need to know about playing soccer.

Things you will need

What to wear

Here are some things you will need to wear.You will need to wear shin guards These will protect your shins. Also you will need some soccer socks which are just knee high socks. Finale you will need some cleats which are a type of shoes soccer players wear.


Here is some equipment you might need. First thing you will need is a soccer ball. Then you will need a water bottle. You might even want some goalie gloves in case you want to be a goalie.



When you are playing you will be at a field.Some fields you could go to are Heritage soccer Park, Overland Soccer Fields, or Stump Park. Any of these fields will have some white lines and a net this is called a goal.



when you're playing there will be theses people with you called referees. If you do something you’re not supposed to do it's o.k but the referees will call it a the other team will get the ball. They are just there to make the games fair.


If you do something your not suppose to do the referees will call it this is called a penalty. A few of the penalties are first you can not touch the ball with your hands unless you're a goalie or you’re doing a throw in. Also you can not trip some one on the other team.


On the field you’re each in a spot that you are supposed to be in these are called positions. There is one person who will be a goalie these are the only ones who can touch the ball with their hands.Forwards are people who score the goals. Finale there's defenders these help the goalie protect the goal.


How you make a goal is you kick your soccer ball into the net which is called a goal You will kick the ball past the goalie and try to get it in the net if you do then you go back to where you first started the game.

Fun facts

Here are some fun facts you might want to know!On average soccer players run as far as 9.5 miles per game!Also 149-0 is the highest score ever made in soccer!More than 1 in 20 soccer injuries are caused by celebrating goals!

I hope you learned more about soccer by reading this article! Soccer is a fun sport I hope you choose to play it if you are not already!


Shin guards: these go on your shins protecting them

Cleats: A type of shoes that soccer players wear.

Goalie gloves: A special kind of gloves goalies have to were to not hurt their hands.

Fields: where you play at.

Throw in: a throw in is where it goes out of bounce and someone has to throw it in