District PACE Observation Complete

Tiger Cheers!

Thank You

A huge thank you to the teachers that welcomed Dr. Gregory, our shiny new PLEF and I into your classroom this morning. We saw great teaching and personalized learning. Remember, when we come into your classroom we're looking for personalized learning, not tablet usage. Talk to me if you want clarification on the difference. Student-led learning ruled the day. The following teachers were observed:

  • Shanks: How do you jazz up primary sources? Shanks found the golden ticket by allowing her cubs to engage in peer discussions in Canvas.
  • Stone: used the short answer feature on the tablet to gauge understanding and mastery. She took this information to guide the lesson of the day.
  • Lail: used Kahoot for formative assessment in a group challenge. Ask her how to do this to revitalize Kahoot time in your classroom.
  • Drye: cooperative groups worked together to direct their learning using Versa Tiles. During this time Drye did small group instruction for those in need then finished with a "quick check" to guide tomorrow's lesson. She even used SHORT ANSWER to collect responses to tailor what they'll do tomorrow.
  • Terzigni: opened class with formative assessment of last night's homework to guide today's learning . Terzigni really knows his learners to give them a sense of ownership by having them summarize their SHORT ANSWERS verbally.
  • Yates: students engaged in a Socratic seminar. In doing so, students were given a choice in determining their grade based on the amount of time they participated in the discussion.
  • Cox: During his warm up, he worked 1:1 with struggling students to ensure they obtain mastery. This is a great way to ensure it's time to move on to the next objective. Do not progress until you check!
  • Spruill: students engaged in a gallery walk to identify the main idea of the text. Students directed their own learning as they discussed the assignment. Meanwhile, JS, worked with a struggling student to get him back on track.
  • Rao: did an excellent job in providing options to students in how they understood standard vs slope intercept.
  • Wise: Used small groups to discuss aspects of a personal narrative by engaging in a free thinking tool to identify literary elements. Ask her about the black butcher paper/chalk exercise.

Check this week's upcoming newsletter for photos and video of the greatness occurring in this school. Tigers, you rock my socks!