Striped skunk

And there facts


Today, the skunk is best known as the butt of jokes and cartoons because of its unpleasant odor. They hunt and move mostly at night or early morning. Skunks do not hibernate, but, during cold weather, they become dormant and remain in the den most of the winter.When alarmed, skunks contract the muscles around the gland and spray a yellowish, nauseating musk.Called kits. Litter size is 5 to 9.

The striped skunk is well known for its black and white coloration and its ability to spray a smelly secretion from scent sacs located in its hind quarters.On average, skunks live about three years in the wild. Disease and predation usually cause their deaths.

They primarily use their nose and ears to forage for food,


Insects, worms, small rodents, bird eggs, reptiles, fruits, acorns, seeds.