Tightrope risk

Living life on the wire


Fulling depending on God and faith.

"Wallenda didn't wear a harness and stepped slowly and steady throughout, murmuring prayers to Jesus almost constantly along the way"(CBS news).

Beautiful experience

"Tightrope walking is such a giddying thing, so malleable a metaphor and so beautiful that it is no surprise that it has for thousands of years appeared in art"(CBS news).

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"His great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, fell during a performance in Puerto Rico and died at the age of 73" (sky news).

Life Changing Injuries

"Mario Wallenda says he doesn't remember anything about that day in January 1962 when he tumbled from a tightrope in Detroit, an accident that left him a paraplegic."(CBS news)

Is It Worth It

we believe that the reward is not worth the risk because the reward is just getting to the other side. while the risk is becoming "a paraplegic" or even "falling during a performance" and dying. so you do the logic' would you rather walk to the other side of a rope or becoming paralyzed and even dying.