The barista and coffee school

Volunteer work

  • I make my parents coffee
  • Coffee It taught me how to make it in a unique way

The school info

This school is located in Portland Oregon and also in New York. They're both beautiful places to live and to go to school. Its pretty simple they teach you how to make coffee and all different types of the things that go along with coffee. It depends on what kind of schooling i want to take after high school. There are not a lot of people that go to the barsita and coffee school.

Paying for college or trade school

  • This is a program that teaches you how to make coffee and the successful way to and it depends how much you want to learn about it cause you can go into the barista and coffee school for two weeks to a month and you are basically promised a job right as you get out.
  • How do i plan to pay for this school, i am going to get a job and save up and have to bank accounts one for schooling and one with my personal needs.
  • You don't need a GPA and you also don't need any scholarships for this school.

Achieving post high school goals.

  • My goals for my next couple of years at Grants Pass high school are that i will still be coming to school and making great grades and trying to do my best and be the best i can be.
  • I will be taking some crazy classes that will show my individual, classes that will make me or break me and also to make me learn from them.