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September Update

Happy Friday!

Our first full week of school was a fantastic one! We are continuing to work together to learn the daily routines. I am very impressed with how the students have adjusted to the flexible seating in our classroom. They are very good at choosing a spot where they can do their BEST learning! Speaking of routines, students have been doing a wonderful job of remembering to bring their fully charged Chromebooks each day!

Here is what we are up to in 5th grade!


Students took a pre-test and set goals for this first math unit. Ask them to show you their goal setting sheet on their Chromebook! On Monday students will be assessed on number puzzles. Knowing factors and multiples will be helpful for this assessment. Please continue to remind your child to practice their math facts! Moby Max (an online program) is a great tool to use to practice their fact fluency!


We are setting up our Reader's and Writer's Workshop routines. Students have all chosen a "Just Right" independent reading book for the month of Sept. They should be reading this book nightly (20-30 min) and they get 25-30 min. of independent reading time at school as well. While reading this book, they are showing their thinking by writing on post it notes, which we refer to as "think marks".


Students have been learning about PHEOC or the scientific method. Students are expected to know each step and be able to apply these steps in the experiments we do at school. There is an online text available if students prefer to be read to or forget their book at school.

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