2MU News

Week of January 4, 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! I wish you much health, happiness, and love in 2016! 2MU started the new year off right ~ engaged and learning many new concepts!


  • During Readers' Workshop, we read a non-fiction story entitled, Jellies.
  • We learned about Fact and Opinion ~ learning that facts must be true and can be proven, while opinions are someone's thoughts or feelings and not everyone may agree on the idea.
  • To reinforce our comprehension skill of distinguishing between Facts and Opinions, we became detectives! In small groups, the children worked to solve a mystery case based on witnesses' interviews. The children had to decide it the witness was stating a fact or an opinion and then use the clues to determine the culprit.
  • We made jellyfish using coffee filters, markers, tissues, and streamers. Be sure to stop by our class to check them out!


  • In preparation for our Information Writing Unit, the children have been learning many scientific expert words, such as : gravity, friction, motion, speed, force, etc. We have discussed at length, how these terms play a role in our daily lives.
  • We read a story entitled, Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee and discussed how the scientific terms noted above impact a roller coaster rides.
  • To help us understand the concept of the forces that affect a roller coaster ride, we took a virtual roller coaster ride on FURY. See photos below of our fun experience. (Mr. Bissinger walked in on our learning adventure and captured the moment for us!)
  • The children designed their own roller coaster and used the scientific terms to describe the experience of riding on their roller coaster.
  • We watched a GoNoodle Roller Coaster clip to get us up and moving, too!


  • We learned about place value using base-ten blocks.
  • We also learned to write numbers in expended form.
  • To strengthen our mathematical writing abilities, we completed an Open Response questions. We looked at a mathematical problem and two different view points on how to solve the problem. First we needed to figure out which solution was correct, then we needed to write a long and strong detailed explanation to justify our mathematical thinking. The children did an impressive job!!
  • We learned a new game called Number Top-it. You can play this game at home using a deck of cards~ be sure to ask your child how to play Number Top-it and have some fun at home!
  • We learned Egyptian symbols for the numbers 1, 10, and 100. We used the symbols to convert standard numbers into Egyptian numbers.

Social Studies

  • We began our next Social Studies Unit entitled, How Can One Person Make a Difference. We are learning how people in the past as well as the present can make a difference in their community by being problem-solvers.

Other Activities

  • During Computers, we practiced our typing skills using Typing Agent.
  • Mrs. Devine used a 'green screen' during Spanish! The children had a blast making a video using the green screen.
  • As part of our Grammar lessons, we learned about Verb Tense. We learned how to make verbs in the past tense by adding -ed and verbs in the future tense by adding "will" before the verb.

Fun Friday Math Centers ~ Number Top-It & Writing Egyptian Numbers


Fact or Opinion Detectives Solving a Mystery Case!

Making Jelly Fish ~ Inspired by Journeys Story ~ Jellies


Self-Designing and Writing About Our Unique Rollercoaster

Taking a Virtual Rollercoaster Ride!

GoNoodle Roller Coaster Ride

Computer Lab ~ Working on Typing Agent