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It is one of the very few and the best among those apps available that help you by providing reliable guidance during your shopping spree. It is basically based on the help people get from facebook during their research about a product they desire to buy. Its working is quite simple. If you are looking for something in the market that caters to your needs and you are having a hard time in finding the most suitable product, all you have to do is post a query about it on this app. People from all around the world who have purchased something like what you need will reply to your question, recommending the most apt product you can find and also the information about where you can find it. So, Yabbly is the quickest way of finding your desired product by matching your shopping related questions to real people who have actually bought the product you are considering to buy.

It features a simple menu of subjects of your interest and you can easily browse through the lists or questions that match your requirement. So now you can find the product you’re looking for in little time and with help of people who are good at this and have the experience of buying what you need. What can be better to find the merits and demerits of a product than to hear it directly from those who possess it and are either happy or unhappy because of what they have bought? This product app saves you from going through the ordeal of gathering information about your desired product and the recommendations from people save you from having to bear the consequences of making a bad shopping decision.

Yabbly interesting feauture

An interesting feature of this app is its two-way Karma and member matching system. This makes sure that people who are helping others by making shopping recommendations are served as well. They also get excellent help while making their own decisions about purchasing a product they need. Moreover, this app matches you with the most suitable member who can give you best advice regarding your questions about a specific product.

The most troublesome part of shopping is its research phase when one has to go through the ordeal of gathering information about a product through different sources which may or may not be reliable. This app proves to be best during this phase as it acts like a friend who helps you make smarter choices while shopping. Based on the information you gather from experiences and recommendations of others who have bought what you need, you can select the best option available in the market and you can even decide which store to buy it from.

We also provide best customer service by making sure the user finds what he is looking for. In case he is not satisfied with the recommendations from people, our team will investigate for free and will definitely find the product of your choice. Moreover, we guarantee to respond to your query within one business day.

This app is here to help you and is doing its best in giving you shopping related advice. Our team keeps on finding ways to improve its performance and many new features are in line to be added in near future.

Yabbly Product Test: NeverWet (No interns were harmed during the filming of this video)