Gabriel's Gazette

September 7, 2018

What a great short-long week!

Thank you again for all of your hard work! If you are interested in being in the parades this weekend, check out the Angel's Announce for information. We would especially love to have you at the hysterical/historical parade with us!

Dress Code

Please be mindful of the dress code for students. I have attached the dress code below. If you have a student out of dress code, especially on mass days, you need to let the office know and the parent know. Yes, it is YOUR responsibility to check dress code, not just the principal's or front office.

If it is just a minor infraction, just let the student know and remind them. If it is repetitive, send a quick email to the parents and remind them of the dress code. Remember, at this age, it is generally not the students fault and parents may just need a gentle reminder.

If you have a question about how a student is dress, ask the front office. Don't embarrass the student by sending them to the office, just ask us.

Restorative Justice Class

We will have an in-house restorative justice/discipline training on September 29th beginning at 8am. If you want to know more about the program we are bringing in, you can read more at the link below.

This method of discipline/redirection will be implemented school-wide the Monday after the class. It will take some time and adjustments, but we need to be consistent throughout the entire school.

Shorter Newsletter for a Shorter Week!

We hope everyone has a great and blessed Fiesta Weekend! And w truly hope to see you at one of the parades!