How the U.S. built the first Atomic Bomb.

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An Atomic Bomb going off.

The Atomic Bomb

In 1945, the first atomic was created by a team of scientists in a test area called Los Alamos. The top scientists were James Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, and Enrico Fermi. It took many attempts to finally get the correct prototype.
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The inner workings of an Atomic Bomb

Creation of Atomic Bombs.

An atomic bomb took several different shapes and ideas. The main idea was that a corrupt neutron would hit uranium or plutonium and split one atom of uranium (ur-A-nE-um) or plutonium (plu-toe-nE-um) and cause a chain reaction from the nuclear energy. This builds up rapidly, causing a huge explosion.
Uranium Fever: Elton Britt, 1955

The race to beat Germany.

The U.S was on a tight schedule. A man named Adolf Hitler was ordering top German scientists to learn how to build an atomic bomb. The U.S tried sending men to create set backs, but the Germans wouldn't quit. Supposedly the Germans were very close to the same result. Ultimately, we never used the bombs on the Germans, the war ended on May 9th, 1945. The first atomic bomb was created 2 months and seven days after the german surrender. The first atomic bomb was used on the Japanese on September 2, 1945.