English Syllabus

Please read all the way through!

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You may also text me at 480-401-2578. When texting me, please make sure to tell me your name and the class you are enrolled in. In addition, this number is only used for texting; please call my office number to speak directly with me!

About Mr. Mecham (Meek-um)

  • I grew up in California near Yosemite National Park. (Has anyone heard of this place?)
  • The way I relax and relieve stress is by running. (Strange, right?)
  • Some of my all-time favorite books are the Percy Jackson series, the Hunger Games series, The Scarlet Letter, Born to Run, and The Art of Racing in the Rain.
  • At Primavera, I teach English and PE.

How to Succeed in the Online Environment

Scrolling through and completing each lesson is not enough to be successful. Here are some essential strategies and procedures to help you succeed in the online environment.

  • Complete lessons according to the pacing calendar.
  • Spend 3 hours in each lesson.
  • Check announcements and messages daily.
  • Complete all assignments in each lesson.
  • Ask questions and contact teacher.
  • Take notes, especially on concepts that are hard to understand.


Click here to learn how to check the announcements.

The announcements will be VERY important during this block! There will be three types of announcements posted that you should check regularly:

  • Synchronous/ Asynchronous: This will provide you with the day and time for your class, the link to the Adobe Room, and the asynchronous recordings for each week.
  • Calendar and Syllabus-This announcement will provide you with the link to the calendar, and the link to the syllabus.
  • Weekly Agenda: Each week, I will be sending out new things you need to know for the unit you will be working on. Although I will send them out in a message, they will also be posted in the announcements.

About English 6B

Do you like to read? Do you like to write? In this course, you'll do both! You'll read many exciting stories by authors such as Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, and Jerry Spinelli. And you'll learn more about language arts skills and write your own masterpieces!

You'll read many genres (categories) of literature including science fiction, short articles, and biographies.

What are learning objectives? They are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes you will gain from your schoolwork.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to

  • Write short narrative, informative, and argumentative essays.

  • Conduct research to answer questions.

  • Actively engage in discussions with your classmates and teacher.

  • Determine point of view, setting, character, and other elements in literature.

  • Describe how a theme or central idea is conveyed through detail.

  • And much more!


Plagiarism is not tolerated at Primavera. If students are caught plagiarizing, they will receive a 0 on their assignment. Before they will have a chance to redo the assignment, they will be required to complete an assignment where they study and learn what plagiarism really is and how to avoid it. All teachers use a digital tool to help them detect plagiarism. If students continue to plagiarize, more serious consequence could ensue.

  • Please click here to learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
  • Click here for an interactive tutorial that gives specific examples of plagiarism.

What Makes up Your Grade?

In order to pass the course, students must have an overall grade of 60% or higher after everything has been graded. You are all brilliant, so strive for 80% or above! :)

Below are the types of assignments you will complete in your lessons. Think about this: Which assignments are weight more than others?

IMPORTANT: Doing well on checkpoints and workbooks is not enough to get a passing grade. You must complete your projects, discussions and synchronous sessions. Those three types of assignments are more heavily weighted! If you submit projects blank, they can drastically lower your overall grade!

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Projects: 30%

In most units, which consist of five lessons, you will be completing a project. You must complete the projects to the best of your ability in order to obtain a passing grade. Remember to avoid plagiarism!

Unit 1 Project-Write a personal Narrative: Narrative Essay Rubric

Unit 2 Close Reading Project:Reading Passages Rubric
Unit 3 Project-Write an instructional Essay: Informative Essay Rubric
Unit 4 Project- Write a Persuasive Letter: Argumentative Essay Rubric
Unit 5 Project- Begin the research project you'll turn in Unit 6

Unit 6 Project- Write a research essay: Informative Essay Rubric

Please be sure to follow any directions that have been added under the section "From Your Teacher L. Mecham." These are also known as Teacher Notes. From time to time, I may change the directions for the project, so you must pay attention to these notes. See below for an example of a teacher note!

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Synchronous/Asynchronous Sessions

Each week, I will be giving a live virtual lesson, also known as Synchronous Sessions, for your class. You are expected to attend and to participate throughout the entire lesson.

  • Click here to view the rubric.

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, you will have the opportunity of making up the session by watching the recording, also known as an asynchronous session. The recordings will be posted in the announcement "Synchronous/Asynchronous Sessions" each week. After watching the complete recording, you will need to answer the exit ticket questions found in the announcement.

  • Click here to view the asynchronous rubric.

Discussions: 15%

In each lesson, you will have the opportunity to respond to discussion questions that are based off of concepts you have been studying in your lessons. The expectation is that you write TWO discussion posts per lesson. Each post needs to include a main idea, development, and should be communicated clearly. Click here to view more specific information about discussions and the discussion rubric.

Other Assignments:

Final Exam: 15% You will take this exam in lesson 30 of the course. You MUST take the exam in order to receive a grade in this course.

Exams: 10% You will take an exam at the end of each unit. To prepare for the exams, review your notes, workbook questions, checkpoints, and play the skill builder activities. If you do not do well, you may request a 2nd attempt by contacting me.

Checkpoints: 10% At the end of most lessons, you complete a short quiz called a "checkpoint." You will have 3 attempt on these quizzes; the highest score is the score that will count towards your overall grade in the course.

Workbooks: 5% Every lesson contains a series of questions designed to check your understanding of the course content. Workbooks can be redone an unlimited number of times, and the highest score you receive will count toward your overall grade. Do not move on to the next lesson until ALL your workbook questions are at 100%!

Extension Requests

We have a new procedure for requesting extensions. If students are at a 40% or higher in the class, and would like to request more time to complete the course, they will need to fill the teacher's extension request form which will ask them to create a detailed plan explaining how they will use the extended time to raise their grade. If the extension is approved, the teacher will notify the student. In addition, if a student is requesting more than 3 days, the teacher and student will work with a guidance counselor to determine if more time is appropriate and manageable.

Need Help? Check out the resources below!

Attending online school for the first time can be a big change. Below are some short tutorials to watch to help you be successful in the online environment!

Student Orientation
This tutorial will show students how to navigate through the student portal, the different features of the portal, and how to submit attendance. Click here to view it.

Having Technical Issues?

Call our student services department at 480-456-6678 select option 2, then option 1.

Questions about promoting to the next grade level or what other classes you need?
Please call the guidance department at 480-405-2714.

Tutoring Services:

Our school partners with an online tutoring company to provide tutoring services for students who need some extra assistance. Please click here for more information.