ESC Region 17 Social Studies

Volume 3 Issue #7

UPDATE #2, APRIL 13, 2020

"I was conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can't say – I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger."

- Harriet Tubman

Pictured below is a new statue honoring Tubman done for a private collector in Dallas, Texas, by artist Wesley Wofford.

Big picture

Remote Learning for the Students and Teachers of Region 17

Contact for Specific Support

I will be working from home during the school closure, but I will only be an email or phone call away. I will be posting lots of different resources by grade-level to assist your transition to remote learning and instruction. However, you can also fill out this google form for specific instructional needs that I can help with!!

Sabrina Blankenship

806-281-5884 (my office number is being forwarded to my cell number)

Weekly Zooms for Grade Level Supports (Digital Office Hours!)

The weekly topics will be themed around our Thinking Like a Historian skills since every teacher is possibly at a different spot in their Year At A Glance. Each week we will talk about our high leverage skills SE's! This week's focus will be on Mental Mapping and the questioning that goes with assigning a map.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Middle School Zoom- 10:00

High School Zoom-1:00

Elementary Zoom-3:00

Email me for the link (don't need any Zoombombers!)

I will be posting a recording of these sessions (and the one from last week) on Wednesday afternoon! Check back here on the Newsletter for the link.

Session #1 Thinking Like a Historian -Skills


In the day of all things digital content, there are so many great resources out there for us to use!

Every day I will be adding to these folders in the google folder. I will mark in the folders NEW when I add something!!! If you cannot access the folder, please reach out to me and I will get you the resources in another format. (non-google districts). And if you are a TEKS Resource System district, email or call me as I have other resources to share with you based on the YAG.

Sample Weekly Plan Template

With the idea of the 1-1-1 format, try to simplify your weekly lessons and tie in the historical thinking skills. One learning aid/map/resource/video-One overarching question-one activity/short quiz/writing prompt.

Upcoming Webinars, Students Competitions, Teacher Grant Programs

DocsTeach Mini Webinars

Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Each 20-minute session will highlight a different aspect of DocsTeach to show you how you can help your students make sense of the stories, events, and ideas of the past by working with primary sources.

National Constitution Center Online Civic Learning

The National Constitution Center is here to support remote learning with free lectures and civil dialogue sessions on the Constitution that students across America can access online, and accessible on a home computer, laptop, or phone.

UT Hemispheres' Online Training Opportunities

The University of Texas Hemispheres' summer workshops are now going to be online! Check out the registration ASAP, and their great resources for world studies (6th grade, World History, and World Geography)

South Plains Electric Cooperative Teacher Mini-Grants

Apply today for the Teacher Mini-Grants of $500. The deadline is May 15 for grants for the next school year!!! The grant money can be used for educational field trips and student-based projects that tie into social studies or reading!

Tips for Learning from Home

Below is a link to several more SMORES/Google sites from our Region 17 team to help with your remote learning logistics!!