The Hodgson Times

Olivia Hodgson

Aquarius House Field Trip

On April 13th, 2015 Aquarius House took a field trip to Discovery World, in Milwaukee. The field trip took 2 hours to get there and it went very early in the morning. We went there to learn about stuff and get a better education.

The Aquarius house showed up at a Discovery world around 8:30-9am. When we got there the teachers told us to take a seat and listen to the tour guy who told us about discovery world and what's in it. Then the teachers read off our group names and we went on with the field trip.

There was many exhibits in discovery world and they were very interesting. Some of the exhibits are Reiman Aquarium and Milwaukee Muscle.

Lunchroom Fight

Lunchroom Fight

At bay view middle school, there was a lunch room fight. The fight started at 12:00pm during 7th hour lunch. With the Aquarius House and Apollo House.

The fight started because the slushy machine was running low and there was only enough for one more. So that meant only one student got one and they other person would get turned down. The two students that were in line were Jim and Bob. The lunch lady let the kids go and Bob got there first and Jim got mad. Jim went up to the lunch lady and started complaining about the slushes.

The Last Game

March 29th, 2014. Olivia Hodgson had her last basketball game of the season. She attended the game like she was told but her coach didn't. Why? He got super sick before the big game so the girls weren't really ready.

On March 29th hundreds gathered at bay view middle school to watch the big game but every one was confused because the coach wasn't there.

A couple days later after they lost, they were all very upset and they all went to coaches house to wish him better. They hope that they have an better season next year and that the coach is back.