The Vietnam War

By: Jeff Hall

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Historical Background

Who: America & South Vietnam vs North Vietnam

When: 1954-1975

What: America aided South Vietnam with supplies and training , then America got more involved into the war, setting troops on the soil to aid in fighting the North

Where: Vietnam

Why: To counteract the threat of growing communism

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The Hawks

The Hawks were pro-war group during the Vietnam War. The Hawks believed that the US should aid and train South Vietnam to fight in the war. They also believed that the US should bomb and strike important North Vietnamese locations that would devastate the North giving the South Vietnamese army a fighting chance. The Hawks had a party that opposed them called the Doves , which were against the war.
Vietnam war footage - Fortunate Son CCR

Vietnam War Footage

You can see here about the Vietnam War and the men serving their country. In this video you can find bias by spin by only showing the soldiers and how they are in the war time, not the bad parts of war. Also in the background you can hear the patriotic song made during the war.
Vietnam war news (1969)

New Cast

In this news cast you can see how well the war is going, and how the war in Vietnam is looking. In this video you experience the bias of omission as well by showing how the troops are doing in Vietnam and the living conditions, nothing bad is shown.

Historical Criticism

In the Vietnam war you are able to see the timeline and the year everything happened. Also with the advantage of historical criticism you can see how the war played out and the influence that the American population played

Cultural Criticism

With the Vietnam war you can see how the culture was divided in America. One side of the culture wanted to continue the war and defeat communism and the other side of the culture wanted to completely end the war.
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In Memoriam

In memory of the brave men and women who served and lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Gone but never forgotten. (1954 - 1975)

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