Wind Mills

Emily Covert

The start of wind mills...

Wind mills were already being used around the world. Wind mills were used to move boats arocoss the Nile River, simple wind mills were being used to pump water in China, and Persia was using them to grind flour. But how was it that we came to use them and what are their purpose?

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By the 11th century, people in the Middle East were using wind mills for food production. The Dutch refined the wind mill and used them to drain lakes. Settlers the took this new found information to the Americas and started using wind mills to pump water for farms and ranches. Eventually wind mills would also be used to generate electricity.

Who invented it...

In 1854, a mechanic living in Connecticut was asked to invent a wind mill for pumping water and other uses. He was skeptical that there was need for this but began work on it anyway. His work went well and he soon moved to Illinois to be closer to the growing market. Halladay's company, the U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co. became the largest wind mill manufacture in the US.

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How it helped...

When settlers moved west they started ranching. However they couldn't get access to a good supply of water. Wooden wind mills solved this problem partially. After some work wind mills could successfully reach water that was 1,200 feet down.

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How they improved...

At first only wooden wind mills were built. They required a lot of repair and money to do so. Soon metal wind mills came about, however they weren't popular because of the cost. After some time people realized how useful they were. They lasted much longer and could carry water to higher locations. Thous the wind mill was born!
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