December Newsletter

2015 Melnick

Look What's Going On In GT

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can. − Carol Ann Tomlinson

1st Grade

- After reading the book called "The Greedy Triangle" students interpreted the text, rewrote scenes and performed a short skit. They even made their own props and worked together as a team to develop the script. We used the SCAMPER technique (divergent thinking) to create their own play. The students learned the attributes associated with the different shapes and determined which shape best represented their individual personalities.

Here's what SCAPMER stands for:

Substitute something (one of the characters)

Combine things

Adapt part of the story with a different ending

Modify the plot

Put the story to another use

Eliminate one of the major characters

Reverse or rearrange parts

When we return from break we will begin our study of The Rainforest and its importance, along with the animals that live in the different layers of the Rainforest.

2nd Grade- Students are pursing their passion by researching a career of their choice. This project allows students to fill out an interest survey, explore their dreams and interests. Each student will learn about the purpose of their career choice within society. This will allow each student to develop essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving and intellectual risk taking. We wrote letters to a professional in each field of study. Hopefully, we will hear back soon and they will bring it home to share.

Our goal is to allow our GT students to be familiar with various career opportunities. Our project will conclude with a video to share with you.

3rd Grade- Students have been exploring the SPHERO (The app controlled ball that also teaches stem skills) and designing obstacle courses. There are several different apps that correlate with SPHERO. The next app we are going to use will teach our GT students the basic concepts of programming, robotics, and math using SPHERO. We are also researching Mars and teaching the class about the planet while making comparisons with other planets

4th Grade- We are finishing up our first NXT Mindstorm Robot and building a new robot of their choice. Also, we are in the process of finishing up our research on ENIGMAS. This was something new to most fourth graders and they enjoyed learning about all the different mysteries. Ask your student to share the mystery they have been researching. During the research process students have been comparing how different scientists explain the enigma. This has lead to several discussions about the controversies that are involved. The final step will be a presentation of their choice to explain both the view of scientists and their own conclusion, and there may or may not be a trash fashion show that will represent each enigma. Pictures will be available for the next newsletter.

Have a wonderful holiday season!