5th Grade Cog

Never Stop Thinking and Learning

This week in 5th Grade Cog. (Sept 12th - Sept 16th)

This week in 5th grade cog the students discovered which multiple intelligence they perfer. One of the most remarkable features of the theory of multiple intelligences is how it provides eight different potential pathways to learning. Whether you are a first grader, a middle schooler, or an adult learner seeking better ways of pursuing self-study, it is important to know which multiple intelligence you prefer.

The 8 multiple intelligences are as followed:

  • words (linguistic intelligence)
  • numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
  • pictures (spatial intelligence)
  • music (musical intelligence)
  • self-reflection (intrapersonal intelligence)
  • a physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
  • a social experience (interpersonal intelligence), and/or
  • an experience in the natural world. (naturalist intelligence)

Multiple Intelligence Inventories are a fun way to introduce students to their preferred intelligences. It is important to remember that these surveys are not diagnostic measures or predictors of one's cognitive abilities. Rather, they are a snap-shot a one day picture of one's preferred intelligences. Students benefit greatly for being introduced to MI theory in the classroom as they stimulate meta cognitive awareness, or thinking of ones own thinking.

Next week in 5th Grade Cog: We will start a Problem Based Learning project called "From Here to There". A Problem Based Learning or (PBL) is Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Solving highly complex problems requires that students have both fundamental skills (reading, writing, and math) and 21st century skills (teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools). With this combination of skills, students become directors and managers of their learning process, guided and mentored by a skilled teacher.

16 Habits of Mind are essential for students to use in the classrooms of today

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Student Success Skills (21st Century Skills) we will use all year!

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  • Student Lead Parent Teacher Conferences: Wednesday, October 12th and Thursday, October 20th 4-7:30 PM
  • Fri Sept 16 6-8:30 PM Leeds Farm/Spirit Wear Day
  • Thurs-Fri Oct 6-7 8:15-9 AM Dudes and Donuts (Commons)
  • Wed Oct 12 & Thu Oct 20 4-7:30 Conference Night & Book Fair
  • Mon Oct 17 No School
  • Tues Oct 18 Picture Make-up Day and Group photos
  • Fri Oct 28 Harvest Party, all grades
If you have a question or if there is anything I can do please let me know.

Thank you,

Mr. McNeil

Gifted Intervention Specialist

Deer Run Elementary

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