Anything But Typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Jason's Struggle

Jason Blake is an autistic sixth-grader. A lot of kids bully him because he's different. His parents also struggle to understand him. I don't think Jason really understands himself either. He always talks about how he's shaking but he cant stop and he feels himself pulling his hair. He doesn't do it on purpose. Once you see things through Jason's eyes, you see how difficult life can really be.

Things Are Getting Better...

Jason met a girl on an online writing website. (Her name is Rebecca.) They talk a lot and they give great advice for each others writing pieces. But, Jason gets really scared when he might meet have to meet Rebecca in person. Jason is afraid that she will only see his autism. I didn't think he should have been worried, he's a great writer and Rebecca knows that. It doesn't matter what's on the outside.

Is This Book A Good Read?

I think Anything But Typical is a great book to read. It really lets you feel what Jason would be feeling. I would recommend this book for people that want to know what different kinds of people feel. I really liked this book because it gave a lot of insight on what kids with autism feel like.