Latest news on our World Record Attempt

Progress So Far

We now have over 3000 participants with the required evidence, thank you so much for submitting this! It has not been an easy challenge and we are grateful for your efforts.

We do have a year before the Guinness evidence deadline but we understand the work and effort involved and that the late changes to the evidence expected made this a harder task than first anticipated.

If any schools do feel they will be submitting evidence of participation please let us know and it will help us make a decision, as we do not want to leave any schools in suspense for any longer than necessary. If you think you will be submitting evidence please get in touch, if not we thank you for your support and participation and fully understand!

Don't forget we raised over £20,000 for Children in Need an certificates for participants will be forwarded by post early in January,

If you need any help or have any questions please get in touch: hello@worldrecordlesson.com

If you need help please ask! Our team will be happy to support you.

Evidence can be submitted via We Transfer: at www.theedstore.co.uk

Or uploaded to cloud based storage such as dropbox or google drive and sent to:


Or Posted to:

World Record Lesson

Melton Court

Gibson Lane


East Yorkshire

United Kingdom

HU14 3HH

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