Unit 1 assesment

Rylee Gardner

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my likes

i like Taylor Swift. i like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor ,and also Cascada. I love chocolate. i love puppies. I love kids. i also love cotton candy ice cream.


personality is very important. personality could be how a person is inside. My personality is out-going, caring, adventurous, and musically talented.

Name:_ Rylee Gardner_ Date:9-22-15

21 THINGS IN A Lifetime

One young man made a list of 100 things he would like to do in his life. By the time he was 45 years old, he had done 71 of those things. Some of his goals were to learn to sky dive, float down the Nile River, make a pair of leather sandals, and play the flute. What are at least 25 things you would like to do? Travel, learn how to play an instrument, start a new hobby? Start planning today and you will make it happen too!

1. ______ be a famous singer___________

2. __be a model____

3. __get married to Max Lopez___

4. ___Have kids_

5. __go tour the world__

6. _be an actress

7. _speak french

8. __live in paris___

9. ___have a sleepover with my friends__

10. __go to Canada

11. __go to a concert___

12. ____meet Taylor Swift

13. sing a duet with Taylor Swift

14. _meet Ariana Grande____

15. _prank call people______

16. ___scare people______

17. _____prank people_____

18. _meet Demi Lovato________

19. _meet Selena Gomez______

20. _to kill Justin Bieber___

21. ___be Kelly Clarksons’ best friend_______

· What personality type are you? ENFP

· What does your personality type mean? I am effective. I am creative. I would make a good life coach.

· What career match your personality type? Acting and performance, dressmaker and designer, fashion designer

· Out of the career matches based on your personality type, are there any that you are interested in? If yes, list those careers and why you are interested. Yes. Fashion designing. I love fashion.

· How does knowing your personality type affect your future career choice?

I could have better jobs.

O*Net Interest Profiler

Name: _Rylee Gardner__ Date: 9-15-15 Period: 5


· Read the instructions and complete the interest assessment. Please take your time at answering the questions, and be completely honest when answering the questions.

· Record your scores below.

1. Realistic: _____0_____

2. Investigative: ____0______

3. Artistic: ___31_______

4. Social: ___15_______

5. Enterprising: _____3_____

6. Conventional: _____0_____

· What was your highest area?


· What activities does your highest area enjoy doing?

Making music,singing,

· List the three career options that it gives you for your highest area.

o Makeup artist

o musician

o actress

· What was your second highest area?


· What activities does your second highest area enjoy doing?

Being a teacher, photos, dancing

· List the three career options that it gives you for your second highest area.

o dancer

o photographer

o hairstylist

· Have you considered any of these career options prior to taking this assessment? Explain your answer.

Yes because since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a singer.