QMS Principal Profile Results

Quintanilla Middle School - June 6, 2016

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Dear QMS Staff and Parents

Thank you for your help in creating a principal profile for QMS. Your feedback is summarized below, ranked by the number of responses. This analysis of campus strengths and needs, along with corresponding leadership qualities will help ensure we find the best possible candidate.

I know filling Mrs. West's "shoes" will be a challenge, but together we can find the right leader to carry on the work, as well as, continue our efforts to become a middle school of "multi-year" distinctions!

Thank you again for your partnership,

Pamela Lear

Deputy Chief of School Leadership

Top Three Campus Priorities

#1 Parent and Community Involvement - Principal ensures effective communication between school and parents/community. There are several opportunities for involvement.

#2 Student Culture - Leaders develop positive culture by using every minute of every day to build good habits. From opening routines to the final bell, students receive constant message that nothing is as important - and engaging - as learning.

#3 [tie] High Expectations for ALL Students - The effective school expects that all students can attain mastery of the essential school skills. Teachers and students must have access to the "tools" and "time" to hel pall students learn.

#3 [tie] Positive Communication - School, Home and Community - The effective school builds trust and communication within the school, parents and community. Forming partnerships with the parents and community enables all stakeholders to support the mission of the school and have the same goals and expectations.

Top 5 Characteristics of a New Principal

#1 Communication - Communication is possibly the most important responsibility because it is integrated into most aspects of leadership.

#2 Affirmation - Affirmation is the communication of accountability. The school leader has the responsibility to praise and celebrate accomplishments, but yet must still have the courage to address negatives.

#3 Outreach - The leader is an advocate for the school and the students to various stakeholders in the community. Communication and partnerships are required for the school to achieve in a complex environment.

#4 Relationships - Relationships are central to the achievement of many other responsibilities. It is the face-to-face connections that builds the credibility with other people.

#5 Visibility - Visibility is the extent to which the leader is in every classroom and available throughout the school. By being available, the leader shows that they are interested in what goes on in the school.