Plastic Surgery

A Dangerous Trend Among Society

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is surgery that involves plastic injections (Botox). It can change oneself's looks. Plastic surgery has impacts on the society that are both positive and negative. Different types of plastic surgery, like liposuction, breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and facelift are all impacting society in different ways.
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The impacts of plastic surgery

Damages on the body,Diseases that possibly can afflict death,and Positive physical outcomes are the Social impacts of plastic surgery. They are social impacts because it impacts the society, which is people. Two of these impacts are negative, which shows that you shouldn't get plastic surgery unless it is a must to cover up something like a birth defect, a scar, or a burn.
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A picture example of some damages of plastic surgery

What damages does plastic surgery have on the body?

The possible damages to the body are:

Nerve Damage:

-permanent or temporary

-causes paralyzed feelings to the muscle

-Could possibly make you redo the surgery

-Very deadly and dangerous
Asymmetry: Makes one part of a side of your body seem different than the other
Anesthesia Complications:

-Anesthesia is an injection

-If messed up, can cause death, blood clots, and lung inflammation

-Sometimes kills pain and feelings for longer than it needs to, which may stop you from thinking properly and feeling things

What diseases were found in the body after all sorts of plastic surgery?

Heart Attacks can occur quickly after the surgery is done. Sepsis: blood clots that can occur both during and after the operation. Different types of cancer occurring after surgery includes oral cancer, which can make both your mouth and throat bleed. Hyperthermia is when body temperature is too high (above normal) and will be dangerous.

What positive effects does plastic surgery have on humans?

Improved looks is usually why most people got plastic surgery. They might be more physically confident (happy with looks) about themselves, so confidence is also one. Fame is also one of the reasons, since celebrities can get more famous by plastic surgery. Plastic surgery gives people social confidence, since it makes people feel like they "fit in"
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