The Challenge Program Award Winners

Sponsored and Supported by Sheetz, Inc.

Sheetz, Inc. sponsors $3000.00 in student rewards

Sheetz, Inc. sponsors CKHS in the Challenge Program's student incentive program. Each year, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to compete for cash prizes in several categories related to success in school, and by extension, potential success in the workplace; now and in the future. At the end of each year, the seniors receive their awards, which total $1000, and at the beginning of the year, the previous year's sophomores and juniors receive their awards, which total $2000, in a "kick-off" assembly. While last year's seniors were able to get their awards at commencement practice, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were unable to have the assembly at the beginning of this school year. Instead, the Challenge Program created a video program. The awards presented were based upon last year, so this year's juniors and seniors were eligible to compete based upon last year. Students in Ms. Woodring's English 11 classes and Mrs. Marko's grade 12 English classes recently viewed the video. The award winners were announced within the video.

Awards in the amount of $200 each are given in five categories: Attendance, STEM, Community Service, Academic Improvement, and Academic Excellence.

The fall, 2020 award winners (based upon last year) are as follows:

  • Attendance: Kaylee Haney and Katie Plummer
  • STEM: Emma Shirk and Sydnie Hall
  • Community Service: Dylan Larson and Owen Bradley
  • Academic Improvement: Sarah Strayer and Logan Mock
  • Academic Excellence: Graced Burket and Joslyn Frazier

Congratulations to the award winners! All current sophomores, juniors, and seniors are now eligible for a new set of awards that will be determined later this year, based upon this year's performance.

A special "thank you" goes out to Sheetz, Inc. for their generosity and continued support of the Claysburg-Kimmel School District, CKHS, and most importantly, the students. Many thanks!