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March 2016 Vol. 1 No. 2

Welcome to our 2nd VCMS Technology bulletin. Thank you all for your feedback on our first Newsletter! We hope to continue expanding this as a way of communicating what is going on for us at Valley in technology. This month, we will focus on testing that has begun with Apple's new iOS 9.3 and what we are really excited about, hint, you might want to get excited as well!

If you have any topics you would like covered, please just shoot me an email and we will work through them. Also, if you have any questions, you think might help the entire staff, I'd love to cover those as well!

Matthew Schuring

Congratulations to our winners of the $5 iTunes Gift Cards!

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Changes coming to iOS

All of us at the middle school are currently using iOS 9.2.1. With this upgrade, Apple now allows us to automatically install apps on iPads without the need of using Apple ID's We also have found several performance, speed and security improvements with this version. However, the biggest changes to iPad and education are just about ready to be released and we are very excited. Some of the publicly announced new features include a new Classroom App for teachers. Within this app, teachers will also be able to take students through a keynote presentation on their iPads, similarly to NearPod (I am excited about the potential for this, but need to see it in action). Teachers will be able to see what app all of their students are using at any given time, send all of their students to a particular app or website, Lock all of their iPads or help them with a forgotten passcode. These changes are also allowing for a whole new way of managing Apple ID's. We are very excited that in the near future, students will not need to even have an Apple ID outside of their student ID's. Just think, when you request an app for your class, we will be able to just put it on the iPads, no assigning it or waiting for students to install it on their own. It just appears! We are working with Apple to help ensure that we roll this out well and with as few problems as possible. If you would like more information about this or how to become a part of our preview, just let me know. For more information on the new program, check out Apple's website on it: iOS 9.3 in Education

Featured Student Work

Have a student who did something exceptional using technology in your class? Submit their project to us and both you and the student will win $5 iTunes gift cards. Submissions must be received by March 21st and will be featured in our April Newsletter!

email the project to for consideration!

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