The Water Cycle

By Rick Phung

Water cycle and how it works

I'm going to show you how a water cycle work.Usually evaporate goes into the air.But to make it go into the air it's wait a little bit but then it will go.The water can go into the air quicker if there heat around.The second step of the water cycle is condensation.Condensation is when heat and water mixd and turn into something like when you take a shower and it cold and the heat mixd with it turn to steam.The third step is precipitated is when the cloud in the sky get full and pour rain out.

The 3 phase of water

In the water cycle the 3 phase of water is solid,liquid,and gas.You may ask why is it solid,liquid,and gas it because when it evaporation it gas and when it a condensation it a solid and when it precipitation it a liquid.

Things about evaporation

Things about evaporation is that when someone in the world or something like water spill on to the ground or on the side walk it stay there and make a puddle but evaporation make that puddle go into the air.If there heat evaporation does it job faster then you think.

Things about condensation

Condensation is when heat and cold mixd together and create something like a cloud,steam,and fog.This is how it make precipitation happen.

Things about precipitation

Precipitation is when it rain and the cloud get to full to hold the water and it let go all of it to a lot of city or place.

Fun fact

Fun fact the water cycle never stop and cloud can be helpful to people by cooling them off to block the heat and at night to keep the cold out and the heat in.