Superintendent's Weekly Update - April 29, 2016

Otsego Parents and Community Members:

The Otsego Board of Education held their monthly meeting on April 27th.

Recognition of Otsego High School Students of the Month for April: Sadie Helberg, Freshman, Jordyn Lenox, Sophomore, Mercedes McNett, Junior, and Gwen Amborski, Senior

Held a public comment regarding retire/rehire of a current employee. (Elementary Administrative Assistant Position)

The Wood District Boy Scouts thanked the district for allowing them to use the Otsego Campus to host their Scout Olympics Camporee and presented us with a plaque.

Treasurer’s Financial Reports / Recommendations

A. Approved the Financial Report

B. Approved the Group-Retrospective-Rating Program with Sheakley

C. Approved Griffin Insurance to provide Voluntary Student Accident Insurance with Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Co. for the 2016-2017 school year at no cost to the district

D. Approved all donations to Otsego Local School District

Superintendent Recommendations

A. Approved the list of graduates for the Class of 2016

B. Approved a Memorandum of Understanding with WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. Head Start Program

C. Approved the Memorandum of Agreement Credit College Plus Dual Enrollment Program with BGSU effective 7/1/16

D. Approved the contract with PAW Construction- We are in need of a storage building on campus. This will allow us to fully utilize our bus garage for bus maintenance and allow us to clean up the campus a little bit. It will be built out by the bus garage. PAW Construction is a company located within the district. We are building a 32x48 with a 12ft door opening. We are going to be using funds leftover from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project. We should have this built this summer.

E. Approved the Supervisor’s contract for Joyce Wright - Joyce's new title is going to be Athletic and Building Facilities Coordinator.

F. First reading of the High School, JH, and Elem. Student Handbooks

G. Final reading and approval of the board policy update

H. Approved the administrative contract for Kevin Olds

Employment Changes for the month of April:

Retirement Resignations:

Bonnie Armitage, Administrative Assistant, effective May 31, 2016

Kathy Bradley, Computer Coordinator, effective June 1, 2016

2015-2016 School Year Outdoor Education Camp:

Scott Bressler, Deb Carpenter, David Fryling, Mary Gase, Lisa Grimmer, Chuck Grizzard, Andrea Hamrick, Allison Liverani, Maria May, Jeff Peters, Matt Rohn, Brian Ruckstuhl, Charles Spencer, Lisa Wensink

2015-2016 School Year Substitute Non-Teaching Employee:

Hannah Posadny

Non-renewal of the following employees effective end of 2015-2016 school year:

Jane Alexander, Donna Baker, Jocelyn Blaufuss, Chris Feather

Non-renewal of Music Tutors effective end of 2015-2016 school year:

Renee Ackerman, Brad Babcock, Janet Burg, Brent Carpenter, Jim George, Lynne Long,

Non-renewal of OES Extended Care Workers effective end of 2015-2016 school year:

Kelsi Blackford, Robin Gomer, Becky Hatfield, Paige Hill, Denise Richardson, Becky Sager, Alexandria Stough, Crystal Stough, Paula VanHorn

Summer 2016 OES Extended Care Supervisors:

Kelsi Blackford, Robin Gomer, Becky Hatfield, Paige Hill, Denise Richardson, Alexandria Stough, Crystal Stough, Paula VanHorn

Certified Employees’ Contracts for 2016-2017:

Continuing: David Fryling, Joe Gerwin, Sue Hannewald, Megan Pierce, Jennifer Rank

2 Year Limited: Sara Boerst, Scott Bylow, Marti Clayton, Ginger Curtis, Jenn Fallon, Allison Liverani, Jessica Martinez, Allison Mills, Gretchen Seeger, Sue Tressel, Julie Wichman, Michelle Wulff

1 Year Limited: Michelle Chamlis, David Fryling, Patrick Hackney, Kendra Hartenstein, Nichole Hunsberger, Jenna Kline, Jessica Longenberger, Lianna Mikesina, Mark Nofziger, Jeff Peters, Brooke Riley, Matt Rohn, Brian Sewell, Gail Warton, Katy Word, Hannah Posadny

2016-2017 Supplemental Contracts:

Cody Madden Head Girls Varsity Soccer


WATER TESTED: We all know there is a lot of concern over healthy water these days in the United States. There have been many reports all across the United States recently with concerns about the water quality in schools. We are blessed with new facilities and city water from Bowling Green that is constantly being tested, but we felt that we wanted to pay for additional water quality tests in all of our buildings. The report from Jones & Henry Laboratories came back completely clean. Lead came back NOT DETECTED in all buildings! We figured this was the case because of the testing done daily with the Public Works Division, but we are very pleased that this was truly the case. As you can see by the article in the next section, we encourage our students, staff, and community to drink water!


Adam Koch, Superintendent



Greetings from Virginia. The last month or so has given me extreme optimism. I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm as I embark upon this new journey and opportunity as Assistant Principal / Athletic Director with Otsego Local School District. I bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities that range from mental health, sports to education. As you well know, there is no cookie cutter approach to positively impacting the lives of our youth. However, the humanistic element and putting children FIRST, is my main objective. I feel honored being chosen to be a part of a school community filled with enthusiasm about education and a staff dedicated to the success of every student. I look forward to all of the challenges that come with our mission of providing students with academic, social and emotional growth. I also look forward to meeting all of the Otsego faculty, staff, students and families.

In my current position, I have served three years as a middle school administrator at G.W. Carver Middle School in Chesterfield County, Virginia. I also served dual roles in my responsibilities as the Athletic Director. Sports and academics go hand in hand with any school community. Our student / athletes will serve as ambassadors for our school and community. It is my sincere desire to bring my experience as a lifelong learner, teacher, coach, and college athlete to an already experienced program and hopefully rise to new heights. I am thrilled to be joining the team of professionals at Otsego Junior and High School.

I want the staff, students and their families to know that I will make myself available to address any questions or concerns that may occur throughout the upcoming school year and look forward to not only meeting all of you but working collaboratively to impact the lives of every student who walks through our doors.

Best Regards,

Kevin D. Olds, M.Ed.

Assistant Principal 6-12 / H.S. Athletic Director

Otsego Local Schools

Students want to KNOW you CARE, before they CARE what you KNOW……..


Parent and Community Member, Josh Baranksi and Thayer Honda donated 1,100 saplings for our students in the Elementary and Junior High to plant at home. They also donated a full size honey locust that was planted near our outdoor amphitheater (built by our PTO!) at the elementary. Thank you Josh and Thayer Honda!

Gavin Miller and Kylee Baranski wrote and read the following letter at today's tree planting ceremony! Great job Gavin and Kylee!

Trees are very important to us all over the world but they are being cut down. If we continue to cut down trees as often as we do now, the world’s rain forests could be completely gone in a hundred years resulting in many animals becoming extinct. About 36 football fields worth of trees are lost every minute. Not only does this affect animals but also the earth’s environment.

Trees may be cut down for many reasons including: to make more land available for houses and businesses, to use for fuel, and to create items like paper and furniture. With trees being cut down and forests destroyed – it is resulting in animals losing their habitats. 70% of the world’s plants and animals live in forests. The loss of habitats can lead to extinction, killing that species of animals.

Not only does cutting down trees affect animals, it also affects our environment and us as humans. As most of you know trees give us oxygen… They take in carbon dioxide, which is toxic to humans, and produce oxygen that we can breathe. However, if trees are cut down, as they die they release carbon back into the environment. Which results in more toxic carbon and less oxygen for us to breathe.

In addition, tree roots anchor the soil. Without trees, the soil is free to wash or blow away, which can lead to many problems. The washing or blowing away of soil is called soil erosion. Erosion can cause problems to farmers. It is estimated that a third of the world’s farmable land has been lost due to trees being cut down since 1960. Soil erosion can also lead to dirt and other hazardous materials entering the lakes, streams, and other water sources. This can make the water dirty or decrease local water quality and contribute to the poor health of those humans affected.

As you have heard, trees provide us with oxygen that we need to live. They also provide us materials used to make things like paper, furniture, and even fuel. However, so many trees are being cut down and destroyed that it is causing negative effects on animals, our environment, and us. By planting just this one tree, we are making a big difference. We want to thank Josh Baranski and Thayer Honda for donating this tree and doing a great thing for the environment. Thank you!

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I would like to thank the NWWSD and Jerry Greiner for donating 5 water bottle filling stations on the Otsego Campus! The students and staff are getting healthy and saving the environment!

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Community Caring Day - Otsego Food Pantry

On April 30th the Otsego Food Pantry will hold its First Community Caring Day. Volunteers are needed and donations are being accepted to help defray the costs of projects for the day. This Community Caring Day is being held in conjunction with the Owner and Residents of Riverview Mobile Home Park and we are excited to help them make a positive day in their community. Projects for the day include helping some seniors do much needed yard clean up, rebuilding of entry decks to some of the homes, and most importantly creating a new and improved playground for the children of Riverview.

Please consider how you can help. Contact Lisa Ann Hatfield at 419-265-8716 or email at lisaann.hatfieldrn@gmail.com The Community Caring Day is from 10am-4pm and lunch will be served to all volunteers! Be the positive change in your community!

We estimate that it will take approximately $3,500 to complete needed projects for the day and currently have $1,500 committed to the project. Donations can be made to the Otsego Food Pantry with CCD (Community Caring Day) in the memo line.

There will be a meeting on April 26th at 7pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids OH to finalize plans for the day of work - Please attend to help make this day and help us create team lists for the day.

Click here for more information

Thank you so much,

Lisa Ann Hatfield, Coordinator


The Summer Program will begin on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 and will conclude on Friday, August 12, 2016. Summer hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our program will be closed July 4, 5 and 6 for the 4th of July holiday.

Registration information is available on the Otsego Schools website www.otsegoknights.org and is also available in the Elementary Office as well as from Program Supervisors. Registration paperwork must be complete and submitted to the Program before your child can participate.

There is a $10.00 per family registration fee and the hourly rates are $3.00 for the first child, $1.50 for the second and $1.00 for the third, with a minimum of one hour per session. All field trip costs are extra and are expected to be paid prior to the date of the field trip. Certain field trips will have a minimum number of registrations required 2 weeks prior to the date of the field trip and will be subject to cancellation if the minimum is not met. The Program does not have provisions for students not wishing to attend field trips. If your child is in attendance on a field trip day they will accompany the Program on the field trip and you will be billed the hourly rate plus fees. Every effort is made to return to the Elementary Building by 4:00 p.m. on field trip days.

Children enrolled in the program must bring a packed lunch each day and snacks if they choose. No cafeteria service is available during the summer. Children may also bring breakfast to eat upon arrival if they choose.

Please remember that students are active all day long and must wear tennis shoes or sneakers for their safety. Students engage in many activities including: daily reading, journal writing, use of the playground, periodic walks to Centennial Park for lunch and play, board games, card games, science experiments, making silly putty and play-doh, various arts and crafts, weekly swimming at Grand Rapids Pool, weekly library visits , several bowling trips, Imagination Station, the Toledo Zoo, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and water games in the courtyard, every other Monday is Movie Monday with popcorn, just to name a few. Please see the calendar of activities for more details.

Our trained and qualified staff looks forward to helping your child have an enjoyable summer experience.

If you have any questions please email Crystal Stough at cstough@otsegoknights.org or leave a message at 419-823-4381 ext. 4408.


Upcoming Events and Details

5/3 Otsego Music Boosters Meeting – 6:30pm Room C145 – anyone interested in joining our group or serving as an officer for 2016-17 please join us!

5/12 Band Banquet

5/17 Choir Banquet

5/19 Spring High School Choir Concert

5/22 Graduation 2pm

5/23 Band Sousa Concert

5/24 Spring Junior High Band Concert

5/26 Spring Junior High Choir Concert



April 29 @ Elmwood – 4:45

April 30 (H) Ayersville – 11:00

May 02 (H) Woodmore – 4:45

May 04 @ Eastwood – 4:45

May 05 @ Wauseon – 5:00

May 06 (H) Genoa – 4:45


April 29 (H) Elmwood – 4:45

April 30 @ Napoleon – 12:00 *RESCHEDULED FROM 4/7

May 04 (H) Eastwood – 4:45

May 05 (H) Wauseon – 5:00


April 29 @ Elmwood – 4:45

May 02 (H) Woodmore – 4:45

May 04 @ Eastwood – 4:45

May 06 (H) Genoa – 4:45

May 07 (H) McComb – 10:00


May 02 @ Liberty Center – 5:00

May 03 (H) North Baltimore – 5:00

May 04 (H) Eastwood – 4:45

May 06 @ Genoa – 4:45


April 30 @ Liberty Benton – 9:00

May 03 @ Elmwood w/ Woodmore – 4:30

May 06 (H) Tim Downey Memorial Invitational – 4:30

Spring athletic awards are Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00.

Spring weather causes many cancellations and reschedules. To receive the most up-to-date information call 419-823-4381 and choose option 7. You can also go to the Events tab on the High School page of the Otsego web-site. This calendar is updated within minutes of changes.

Keep in mind weather related cancellations are usually not finalized until the afternoon. You can also check the ‘Otsego Athletics’ pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Questions, Concerns, Comments, or Rumors

I would like to introduce a way for the community to ask the Otsego Team a question, clarify a rumor, address a concern, or comment on anything Otsego. Please use the form below to ask your question. We will answer them throughout the year in this update. Our goal is to be transparent with the Otsego Community and give you another avenue to ask us questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or email. Thank you!

Click here to submit your question

Community Events Section

Reminder: Please send me any and all community events that you might know of. I love sharing things in and around our great community. I will start sending out updates every Friday starting the first week of school. If you could email me community events by Thursday evening that would be great. Thank you.

St. Paul Lutheran Church and Preschool in Haskins has vacancies for 2016-2017 preschool. Preschool is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-11:30. For ages 3-5 (must be potty trained). Fees are, a non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 and tuition is $140.00 per month if registered before May 1st. After May 1st tuition is $150.00 per month. Discounts are available for families with one or more children enrolled. If interested, please call 419- 823-1731. Click here for more information

Drug Take Back Program

Kids Health and Safety Fair

May at the Wood County Park District

Wood County Youth Employment 14-24 - Local Businesses - This could be a great opportunity for some free help over the summer. Contact Leslie Head at 419-354-9010 if you are interested.

Laffalot Summer Camp in BG

Free Family Event - BGSU's Literacy in the Park - http://www.bgsu.edu/LiteracyinthePark


Wood County Hospital Wellness Events

YMCA Sports

Sylvan Learning Opportunities

Otsego Board of Education

President: Brad Anderson banderson.otsego@gmail.com

Vice President: Judy Snyder jasnyder715@gmail.com

Board Member: James Harter jameslharter@gmail.com

Board Member: Mark Tolles mdt814@cs.com

Board Member: Elizabeth Gorski jegorski@frontier.com

Lisa Austin, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/EMIS Coordinator

Lori Rea, Curriculum and Technology Integration Director

Lauri Dunham, Special Education Supervisor

Stephen Bihary, School Psychologist

Marc Opsincs, Assistant Elementary Principal

Eva Vasher, Director of Transportation

Jeanne Jeffers, Director of Food Service

Rick Haskins, Director of Maintenance and Custodial