Module 3 Assignment 2

Hunter Church

Leg Lengthening & Shortening

  • Lengthen an abnormally short leg
  • Shorten an abnormally long leg
  • Limit growth of a normal leg to allow a short leg to grow to a matching length


- Fixes length differences between legs on children

- Prevents future medical conditions


- Surgery complications (bleeding, infection, breathing problems)

- Multiple surgery's

- Pins and plates inserted

- High amount of pain

- Nerve damage

- 2/3 weeks in the hospital


Doctors Recommendations

Concerns of Patient

Is my child at risk?

- each child is different and there really is no way to tell rather or not a child is going to be born with leg differences, many times it's something noticed throughout growth.

Are the procedures successful?

- yes, almost always the surgery's turn out successful and the child has no complications

Do you think this is something to consider?

- if your child does appear to have bone length differences have your doctor examine the child and help you make that decision

Should my child have the surgery?

- absolutely, if the child is having problems with his/her legs.

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