Employee tax season rewards!

Stay a loyal employee , and receive tons of rewards!

How to earn these Rewards?

Tax season starts January 19th, and ends April 15th.

Be good with customers, work hard and smart, and tons of rewards will come your way by the end of Tax Season.

They Include:

  • An entering in a drawing for a chance to win a new car!
  • A company party!
  • Gift card of your choosing!
  • Bring your family to your office for the day!

And so much More!

About the party.

Good and hard working members will be invited to the party. Not only hard working members will be invited to go to the party, but the ones who deserve to go to the party. If you don't get invited it's for the reasons of slacking, not very kind to our staff or our customers, and sleeping on the job.

The H&R Block Party will include members of the company, food, drinks (no alcohol) and a DJ. Family members are invited and will have a all you can eat buffet, plus a drawing for a 100 dollar gift card of their choice. We hope to see you there.

About the rewards

The rewards will be based of what most of the employees suggest. We will give all the employees a choice to pick one of the choice that we give them. Each of the employee will receive the same choice. We will give them three choices to choose what kind of gift card they want.