Raisin in the Sun

By Isai Hernandez, Nick Smith, Brittany Gray, Reymon Diaz


In Lorraine Hansberry's heartfelt book "A Raisin in the Sun" it describes a struggling black family living poverty, and Lorraine pays special attention to the attainability of the American dream through the Younger's family values.

Theme Analysis

We feel that the overall theme of the story is family values. With their family values that includes optimism, determination, and the being able to remain as a family they make through to the end of the story in which they attain their dream. Mama talking to Mr. Linder “ I am afraid you don’t understand. My son said we was going to move and there ain't nothing left for me to say” (Loraine 148). This quote shows that Mama supports her son’s decision which means that she is united with her family and also shows that as a proud african american family they are moving in to the white neighborhood.”Ruth (Passionately and suddenly)

Oh, Walter – ain’t you with nobody!Walter (Violently)No! ‘Cause ain’t nobody with me! Not even my own mother!” (Loraine 85). This conversation between Ruth and Walter shows that without the support of your family the American Dream is virtually unattainable, but as we already know they do have that family unity that is shown throughout the entire story.


Man Vs. Self

The conflict of the story “A Raisin in the Sun” is Man Vs Society because throughout the story characters keep on bringing up that colored people, mainly African Americans, are seen from society as less than white folks. Walter says something to mama “Mama – sometimes when I’m downtown and I pass them cool-quiet-looking restaurants where them white boys are sitting back and talking ‘bout things…sitting there turning deals worth millions of dollars…sometimes I see guys don’t look much older than me” (Loraine 74).This is only one of many things that show how the younger family or the African American race faces challenges to attain the American dream from the society they live in, but the younger family keep on pushing through. It shows perseverance to attain the American Dream they want.

1. The scene where Mama is at the market and asks for apples and gets rejected the good ones and gets the old ones, but the white lady gets the good ones. This shows the Man Vs Society because the Man which is Mama Gets rejected the apples from the clerk who represents Society. This connects back to the attainability of the American Dream because Mama gets denied the apples that anybody else would get, but she pushes more for the apple. In the end she moves on to another store. Visual scene.

2. Mr. Linder offers the younger family some money for the house that Mama bought because the neighborhood doesn’t want an African American family living in their white neighborhood. Walter threw their offer out saying you can’t buy us out to make us leave. They move forward from the discrimination given by Mr. Linder and the white neighborhood (Lorraine). Pg. 119

Characterization & Quest for the American Dream


In conclusion, the attainability of the american dream is shown through the Younger's family values.

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