ancient china cricket cage

by blake sundlnd

my presentation is about ancient china cricket cage

how cricket cages were made

they were hand made by us. they were made of wood with wood bars all

the way around it.

how crickets got in cricket cages

how crickets got in cricket cages and out. there were a little

door that slides up and down.

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how the cricket cage got moveed

there were a little hook on the top of the cage so

you could carry it where ever you go.

this video is about a cricket in a cricket cage.

Hutong China pet cricket singing

why it was important for the a ancient china

the ancient china like the crickets cage because

the crickets could stay in there while the

crickets could sing. today in china there doing the same thing.

why it was important to are world

there good pets for the rest of the world.

bad and good thigs about the cricket cage`

bad things about cricket cages is that crickets were hard to find cricket cages coast money.

good things about cricket cages is that they have some where to go and stay crickets can sing in there in stead of in your hand.