Emily Morton

English 2

Hobbies & Activities

Im not involved in any school activities at the moment but some hobbies i enjoy are Reading, Writing and Fangirling and occationally Soccer.


Schools i have attend are Lyons Park Elementary School and moved to Prosperity to Prairie Hill Middle School and on to Buhler High School. I haven't thought of collage and where i would like to go yet but i do plan on going to some hair desining collage.

My Family

I have 3 sisters names of Taylor, Janelle and Jennifer. My parents are divorced and the parents i live with go by the names of Bonnie and Darrel Likes. My father and hopefully soon to be step mother Denise with her two kids Chloe and Lilly. I also have a dog Named jake. Other important people in my life are my aunt Chrystal and cousins Brooke and Abby.

Heath concerns

you dont have any issues with helth and things like that.

Cotact Information

Get in contact with my mother normaly (620-639-1932) but if that doent work out try my step father. (620-639-2000)