Freedom Festivity!

As India gains independence, we shall celebrate!


What?: Come celebrate as India has gained independence

Where: New Delhi, India at Lodhi Gardens

When?: India gained her independence on August 15, 1947, but the party will be held on August 16, 1047.

Why?: We are celebrating, for, after many years of struggling to be free, we have gained our independence! We shall join together for this once-in-a-lifetime party!

What to bring: You should bring rocks, Items that have color (to paint the NEWLY CREATED Indian flag), a statement that says something nice about Gandhi, and, of course, yourself

RSVP: Mail this Invitation after completing the RSVP section at the bottom, to 1452 Gandhi Rocks New Delhi, India (by JUune 17, 1947)

Jana Gana Mana - India National Anthem English lyrics


Will you be able to attend? Yes ______ No ______

Will you be bringing a guest? Yes ______ No ______