Megan's Bakery

Where it feels like home

Home made goods here!

We have our own garden so we can provide each and every one of our customers a fresh meal that's made with love and good old fashioned work. We aren't like ghose bakeries who have pre-packaged goods from a factory. No, here we start from scratch with eggs from the local farmer and milk from the local dairy. Our garden bas many different types of fruits so we have an all natural blend and flavor in our delights and frostings.

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Hiring Now!

  • We are currently looking for delivery positions for a new division so that customers can order online and not leave the comfort of their home.
  • Cashier positions so we have people up front serving the customers coming in to try our delicacies and treats!
  • Bakers needed! Not only do we need people writing down orders, we need people making them!
These jobs don't require much prerequisites since training is given to new employees. Come in and ask for an application!