What is so special about Hobart?


Hobart is a special environment located in Tasmania.It is the capital city of Tasmania.

Hobart is a special environment because it has many natural features. These include Mount Wellington, Bruny Island, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park and the Tasmanian Trail.


The Hobart region is especially popular for hosting many sports. These sporting events include the Sydney to Hobart sailing race and international cricket.

climate and weather

Hobart's climate makes it a special environment. The highest temperature in Hobart is 41.8 degrees celsius and the lowest temperature is 2.8 degrees celsius. In summer Hobart has most daylight hours of any Australian city.

cultural sighnificance

Hobart is also an important cultural centre and some of the cultural significance of Hobart is that there are over fifty languages spoken. It has many museums, art galleries and theatres.


Clearly, Hobart is a very special Australian environment because of its natural features, cultural significance, sporting events and climate.


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